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  1. The 3rd type: Playlessness

    The people who are unintentional to buy them. The suggestions for shopping guides are basically not listened. The invitation is basically directly opposed or rejected. The pace is very fast, and you will not look at the goods carefully, just look at the approximate category and style, or new products, mainly shopping. What should I do?

    The customer response strategies: Xie Zi Jue.

    The two major functions of sales, either influence or transactions.

    The best way to do such customers is to influence, do store brand promotion, do personal brand promotion, make product style and new product recommendations, and promote.

    Meenting customers more impressions in their heads, including the name of your shop, the impression of the personal impression of the shopping guide, of course , Leave WeChat and so on.

    Because some customers are not customers who buy directly, but do not mean that they are not potential guests. Even if economic capabilities cannot become guests now, they do not mean that they will not become guests in the future.

    So, thanks, the request is to thank the guests for the arrival. The above will be impressed by the customer in the head. One day in the future will automatically match the resource matching in the head through the corresponding needs, and you will think of your shop or this person as soon as possible.

    . Therefore, Xie Zijue is the best way for unintentional customers.

    The type 4: Internal silence

    The people are generally more cautious, always lowering their heads, dare not communicate with the clerk too much, and have the desire to buy When it is close to the goods, if the shopping guide is associated with related sales or suggestions, it is easy to produce alert psychology. The shopping guide cannot recommend the products as soon as it comes up, which is easy to make them unsuccessful.

    In introverted people tend to believe in their inner feelings. They will make choices based on their judgments. Studies on psychology have found that compared with exterior people, introverted types Human feelings and thinking activities are more inclined to be inside the mind and deep feelings. They are not good at talking, and they are cautious when they are cautious. Generally, they avoid or even be afraid of contacting strangers.

    The performance in the store is: the shopping guide asked, the introverted customer who looked indifferent to answering a sentence, not answering without asking, resulting in the atmosphere of the conversation. Research on the detailed content of tags and water washing water, I don't want to ask more.

    This Customer response strategies in introverted: True words.

    The move him with sincerity.

    I. As a shopping guide, do not be deceived by the appearance of the introverted customers, so you will get retiring. We need to know that although these introverted customers have very few words, they have a slow response on the surface. They don't care about the performance of the shopping guide's recommendation of the product and will not publish any one. However, he is listening seriously and the quality of the product. Think.

    The introverted customers are actually very detailed in introverted, but they have a strong defense and alert to strangers in their character. Even if they agree with the viewer's point of view, they will not say too much. Too much flowers, although they don't say it in their mouths, they have a lot in their hearts.

    Once you speak, the problems mentioned are very real, very specific, and directly cut the main points. It is also the issue that they are most concerned about and want to know. For such customers, we just have to be sincere. To make the other party feel that you are more sincere, the other party will definitely express goodwill, and slowly let go of the defense heart, so that the two parties become familiar with the language, thereby generating trust, and even even Dependence.

    It this introverted customer as long as he believes in you, he is even more willing to let you help him make a decision. If he is also satisfied with your products, he will become your loyal customers and always have always been, and always have always been. Find you to buy things.

    Therefore, using sincere, gentle communication, and full sincerity, really think for customers, and obtain the trust of customers to facing the winning magic weapon of introverted customers.

    The above is the type of 3 and 4 customers.

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