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  1. Vertical portal websites:
    each have their own characteristics. Car home data is mainly, and the content of the article and video category does not have much reference value
    The new car reviews, Easy Car in content planning and content acquisition are relatively recommended
    On self -media:
    The automotive self -media such as volcanic eruption
    The content of the level is incomplete level level
    Recommended you a public platform: 21 Auto Hui
    Although this is just now, this is just now The platforms that begin to operate are all groups of young people who think, love cars, and add to cars through their own opinions on cars to convey more valuable public platforms to readers.
    and the platform is relatively open and free, you can also interact with PO maintenance at any time

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    Authors: Liu Xiao
    Source: Zhihu In time, the writer system is mostly adopted, and there are many cars with a lot of technology views.

    Lika cars: Generally, it mainly depends on new car information and real shots, but there is no need to see the needs.

    Ah car: Under the car magazine, the content of the account content of most car publications is not much different, and the content of the car, comparison and some car brands.

    The Zhiche: Ibid. But there are more topics and more complete.

    This Weekly: Shanghai News Evening News car version of WeChat. It is average, and occasionally there are good market reviews.

    autodaily: @Gocon's information account, there are too many overseas compilation of manuscripts, which saves it for yourself. It is good.

    The exhaust pipe: The car industry is partial gossip and public relations account, increase the amount of information, you can see which public relations are relatively hot recently.

    The scale: a daily review account of Tencent Motors. During this period, I stopped for a while and recently recovered again, mainly industry information.

    The automotive circle_China Youth Daily: China Youth Daily Auto Edition account, several authors in it have some skills in market reviews, but mainly because of some reviews of the situation.

    Aston: @Gocon's main account, the article is more interesting, but the push frequency is less.

    C News Morning News Cars: The account of the flat media, generally not to read.

    : The big number of WeChat in the car circle, the right to speak is very heavy, and dare to say. Although Jiang Xiaohua's article is a bit around, the point of view is always sharp, and Wei Qingqing is a straightforward science student.

    Yan Yupeng-Checker remarks: The editor-in-chief of the new car evaluation network (founder?), the skill is very deep, the manuscript is also good. However, a word of comments do not listen every day. Generally, you can find a reply to find it. You can also be used as a database.

    The business comments: The commercial review of the paper version is actually very viewed, but it is not easy to buy, so the WeChat account is very convenient to read it every day. In addition to in -depth industry reviews and market observations, car business reviews are specially written in articles about car design, which is rare.

    Ruchong: Several accounts made by self -media people, focusing on market analysis and industry reviews. The main writers are all industry reports. You can see it.

    The car cluster net: It is also a new number of newly established car media people. It also has an exclusive point of view, and the draft is also very good.

    autolife: A private code of a magazine media who entered the industry, general.

    ms_Sandra column: a recommended account, but it is not very connected with the car. The author should be the car public relations community. But the push is not scheduled.

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  4. Ma Shangjun
    is a public account that is biased towards science popularization, which is very individual. At the same time, it is also very approachable to do car parameters.

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    The attitude car media, do not push boring and boring car articles, only push dry goods! Buying cars, playing cars, raising cars, and daily use of cars, we are committed to creating the most professional self -media in the car industry at home and abroad!

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