Tesla wants to recruit large -scale recruitment in Shanghai. Is there any threshold for recruitment?

5 thoughts on “Tesla wants to recruit large -scale recruitment in Shanghai. Is there any threshold for recruitment?”

  1. Recently, the Tesla Shanghai plant has launched a large -scale recruitment. From the post published by the official account of the Ministry of Human Resources, Tesla plans to recruit a number of designers. Workers, including 600 workers in stamping, body, coating and assembly workshop, 150 quality inspection workers, 200 logistics workers, and 20 safety personnel.
    Tesla is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. The company was established in 2003 and is headquartered in California, USA. In January this year, Tesla stated that it plans to set up a research center in China to produce "Chinese -style" cars. According to people familiar with the matter, the recruiters are preparing for the production of Model Y models. Most of the 30,000 cars delivered in China in China in last quarter were Model 3 cars, which were produced locally. According to foreign media, according to foreign media The latest report, the Model Y production plant of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory began construction this year and has basically been completed.
    M recruitment information released by the official website of Tesla can be learned that the academic qualifications are basically the same as the threshold set by ordinary enterprises. Designers need to have excellent English and Chinese oral expression ability, and good communication skills and creative thinking And good teamwork spirit, secondly, it also needs excellent learning ability, strong work execution, sensitivity to data, good at discovering and solving problems. The most important thing is to understand Tesla mission and be full of enthusiasm for the industry.
    If workers need high school or secondary school degree or above, mechanical/electrical/automation majors, understand basic car -related knowledge, understand commonly used English professional materials, and use Office software, have strong work initiative, strong sense of responsibility And confidence. It can be seen that the threshold of Tesla's recruitment is not too high, mainly to value experience and ability, and the benefits are also very good. There are also free shuttle bus and various subsidies. Friends who want to find a job can actively submit resumes.

  2. Because they want to accept talents at this time, and recently have a serious layoffs, many talents have been cut off. If you enter this company, there is no threshold. As long as you are confident in yourself, you can go Essence

  3. Tesla's recruitment threshold is not high in general. This time, it is mainly to recruit technical personnel and workshop assembly line operators. The requirements of technical personnel are higher. With creative thinking and good teamwork spirit, secondly requires excellent learning ability, strong work execution, etc. Specific operators require persons who graduate from high school or higher technical secondary school or above.

  4. The threshold for recruitment is still quite high. For example, technology should be skilled, ability should be prominent, at least English, communication must be skillful in language.

  5. Tesla wants to recruit large -scale recruitment in Shanghai. Recruitment has high requirements for professional knowledge. There is no too high threshold!

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