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  1. I. Epson L4168

    Epson printer is an old brand in the printer field, and Epson L4168 is a color printed model that focuses on personal office and SME users. This printer A4 has a new color commercial multi -functional multi -function, which changes the price of the original consumables of the color printer, the disadvantages of the disadvantage of the confession and the trouble of the self -added powder; combined with the wireless direct connection function, the printing is convenient and convenient. , Greatly convenient to print the process.

    . Brother HL-5590DN

    Brother brand printer began in Japan in 1908. It is a fax machine, printer, multi-functional all-in-one machine, label printer, scanner, etc. Production enterprises represented by products. Brother HL-5590DN is a medium-speed, high-performance black and white laser printer under the brand. It comes standard with automatic double-sided printing and cable network connection. Paper plate. It can be available in one -time or subsequent expansion when purchasing, which is very flexible. From the perspective of the office, it is complete and convenient.

    . Fuji Satele M228DB

    The Fuji brand does not have the reputation of Epuson and brother printer, but Fuji Schola's reputation and quality are not worse than any of the printers in it. Essence In terms of performance configuration, Fuji Satele M228DB double -sided printing function is equipped with a free card design, which is very suitable for printing instructions and multiple pages of manuals and manuals. There is also a copy of the key card. It is also very convenient to copy common certificates such as ID cards, hukou books, passports, driver's licenses, etc. For small companies with a large printing volume, this double -sided multifunctional all -in -one machine should not be too popular.

  2. The importance of printers in work is self -evident. A large -capacity, simple operation, and clear -effect printer can make many work lessons more effective and efficiency. High -performance printers are required by many office spaces, and Canon can meet the office needs of the workplace to the greatest extent. For example, the G6080 of the Canon office printer is the first choice for Canon office printers.

    This is a new product just launched in July. Although it has just been launched, it has continued to be well received. How about this Canon office printer? Next, let's take a look.

    The Canon is quite accomplished in the field of printers. As early as 1985, Canon created the world's first inkjet printer. In the next decades, Canon has been continuously upgraded and innovated, and now it has become a pioneer brand in the printer industry.

    The appearance design is lightweight, and it can easily meet the weight of large -capacity printing

    8.1kg. It is convenient for handling. Even girls can handle without pressure. In addition to lightweight, look at the design, the function panel of simple fabrics, each has a clear icon or text description. The function key is clear at a glance. With the full Chinese display, the operation becomes simpler. Another design highlight is "panel can rotate". The G6080 has multiple rotation angles for the function panel, which is more convenient to use.

    This can rotate functional noodles

    How to talk about Canon office printers? The capacity is speaking! When printing more files, the paper box is not only troublesome but also affects efficiency, so large will be big Capacity carton is particularly important. Canon G6080 sets up two cartons in front and rear, which can accommodate 350 pieces of Pattipotranscean, which is 3.5 times that of the same model. It can meet most office printing needs, and it can also be printed on both sides. There is also a transparent window at the front of the carton, which is convenient for viewing the remaining paper volume. This simple and clear way is more intuitive and humane.

    The high -speed printing, ultra -high -quality printing

    Large -capacity printing is an important feature of Canon G6080. According to the data provided by Canon, a bottle of 170ml black ink can be printed black and white printed black and white printing 6000 pages A4 single -sided document, if you use a more ink -saving economic model, the number of printing can reach 8300 pages. In terms of color printing, the printing volume can reach 7700 pages. Considering the printing performance, the Canon office printer recommends G6080, which is very reliable!

    is not only that, the printing speed has also increased. The black and white and color printing speeds reached 13IPM and 6.8IPM, respectively, an increase of more than 1.3 times. At the same time, it meets the automatic double -sided printing, saving time and saving paper is more environmentally friendly. And the scanning speed of the G6080 is also very fast and the image is fine. The quality of printing is not even more. The ink of the new printer technology and the ink of the new paint allows the printing quality of the Canon G6080 to be preferred among similar office printing machines. It is worth mentioning that the new ink injection method does not need to be pressed, full of self -stop, no need to worry about overflowing, the ink balance of ink can also be viewed in real time.

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