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  1. At the Work Conference of Bank of China in mid -2021, it proposed the "eight major finances" of science and technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, cross -border finance, supply chain finance, consumer finance, wealth finance, and county finance to improve the quality and efficiency of the service real economy Development plan.

    The expansion information:

    The main business banking business, including companies, personal finance, capital business, international business, and financial institution business.
    The company's financial business
    is the main source of profit for Bank of China's business. It is based on the core credit product of the bank to provide customers with personalized and innovative financial services. In 2007, the company's finance continued to focus on improving the customer service system, promoting overall linkage of business, strengthening product innovation and implementation management transformation, and the establishment of the company's financial sector and strengthening the management of the line.
    The development strategy of banks' key large -scale high -quality company customers in the Bank of China, paying attention to the long -term cooperative relationship with large high -quality customers. At the same time, it is clear that SME business is an important part of the company's financial business. Partners who can meet comprehensive needs.
    The financial business
    Main services for personal customers, providing services including savings deposits, consumer credit and bank cards.
    The deposit business
    is the impact of Bank of China actively responding to the rapid development of the capital market on the deposit business of the RMB company, and vigorously develop the deposit business of the RMB company.
    The loan business
    The Bank of China continues to strengthen the adjustment of loan structure, increase investment in key support industries, and achieve optimization of credit resources.
    The financial institution business
    The Bank of China focuses on comprehensive cooperation with financial institutions, and provides customers with more comprehensive services through mutual recommendation customers, resource sharing and joint development of new products. Bank of China also liquidated US dollar, euro and yen through New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo Branch. The above branches and Singapore branches are local first -level liquidation banks.
    The international settlement and trade financing business
    The advantageous business of Bank of China, Bank of China strengthened domestic and overseas institutions' linkage to achieve the rapid development of international settlement and trade financing business.
    It financial business of other companies
    The Bank of China provides payment settlement business, mainly including bank bills, tickets, checks, exchange, bank acceptance bills, entrustment receipts, receivables, centralized payment, check circle deposits And bill custody.

    The capital operation and management services such as domestic and foreign currency preservation, fund management, debt preservation, domestic and foreign financing.
    The financial institution business
    is the Bank of China with comprehensive services such as capital liquidation, interbank borrowing and hosting for other banks, securities companies and insurance companies. As a century -old brand in China's financial industry, Bank of China is actively aggressive while paying attention to stable operations, continuously innovating, and creating many firsts in the domestic banking industry. In the fields of international settlement, foreign exchange funds and trade financing And praise.
    funds and international business
    The Bank of China as a traditional foreign exchange foreign trade professional bank, Bank of China has unique advantages and rich professional experience in foreign exchange business and international settlement business. Provide customers with high -quality international settlement services and foreign exchange preservation, value -added, investment and wealth management, and business for the purpose of avoiding exchange rate risks. Including funds business: foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange financial derivative products and RMB capital transactions; investment and wealth management: gathering treasures, bond treasures, foreign exchange treasures, futures power treasures, two -Debao, golden treasure, spring, summer, autumn and winter and foreign exchange wealth management and international settlement.
    Be billing pool business
    The Bank of China has launched the business of the bill pool on the corporate online banking. In the BOC's enterprise online banking, it can help customers to centrally manage the bills. Host "" facilitates the management of daily bills. The Bank of China provides services such as authenticity of bills, reminders of notes due, and paid for receipt of paids.
    The bank also provides the service of bill storage, which can outsourcing the physical storage work of the bill to the bank for operation, eliminating the worry of saving the bill.
    The billing pool business provides new solutions for the issues received by the enterprise with a small amount, a large number of pens, and too scattered. The scattered small bills can be "pledged into the pool pledge" to form a pledge guarantee amount of the bill pool, and the guarantee amount of the pledge of the bill pool pledge is used to issue a bank acceptance bill or issue a letter of credit to facilitate the company's external payment.
    The billing pool business was launched at the beginning of the year, and was recognized by many customers such as steel, automotive, petrochemical, and power materials. These enterprises have a large amount of daily bill settlement. The functions of China Bank's online banking pool can well solve the problem of bill management and bill financing, stabilize the upstream and downstream customers, and provide new tools for the financial management of the enterprise.

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