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  1. Convention and Exhibition Name: 2011 China (Shanghai) LED photoelectric display, lighting, packaging and equipment exhibitions
    Convention certification: No

    The exhibition time: November 7, 2011 --- 2011 November 8th

    Exhibition time: November 9, 2011 --- November 11, 2011

    -November 11, 2011

    The exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

    Plords: China Electronic Equipment Corporation, Shenzhen LED Industry Federation R

    The contractor: Shanghai Jiangdong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd.

    co-organizers: China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association, China Optical Optical Industry Association-Optical Device Branch, China Optical Optical Electronics Industry Association-Lighting diode display application branch, China Optical Optical Industry Association-LCD Branch, China Lighting Electrical Association, China Electronic Component Industry Association, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Electronics Special Equipment Industry Association
    industry: Communication/Communication/Electronic

    The area where it is located: Shanghai | Shanghai

    The construction of the LED independent industrial chain advocates the healthy and orderly development of the LED market, and promotes LED independent technological innovation and industrialization.
    With the leap development of the LED industry in China and the world in recent years, China has become the largest manufacturing base in the world's LED industry, and China will also become the world's largest LED application market. The development of the LED industry in China and the world has broad prospects. The Chinese government attaches great importance to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. The State Council has positioned energy conservation and environmental protection as one of the 7 strategic emerging industries, which pointed out the direction for the development of the LED industry.
    It is to further promote the technological innovation, independent industry chain construction and wide application of the LED industry. China Electronic Equipment Corporation and Shenzhen LED Industry Federation jointly hosted the "China LED Exhibition", with the theme of "New Light Source, New Application" , Gathering the authority, organizing, co -organizing, and undertaking units to build one -stop technical exchange and market trade in the fields of LED chips, LED packaging, LED materials, LED devices, LED lighting, LED display, LED advertising light sources and other fields platform.
    Is we sincerely invite and look forward to your arrival. By participating in LEDFAIR 2011, we will definitely bring you unlimited business opportunities!
    The value of exhibition value:
    ● Location advantage:
    Naibachuan, pursuing excellence, pursuing excellence , Mobilize with the times -advance with the "city". New materials and new products are often used first in Shanghai, and then pushed to the "Yangtze River Delta" and pushed to China.
    ● Guarantee of participation value:
    Professional group exhibition teams, professional channels obtain accurate data of buyers, established an advanced and perfect buyer invitation system to ensure the quality and quantity of the audience, so that your exhibition is worth realizing , Help you develop more potential customers.
    ● Authoritative hosting:
    LED FAIR 2011 organizers, including authoritative organizations in the LED industry: China Electronic Equipment Corporation, Shenzhen LED Industry Federation, as well as authoritative associations and authoritative associations and end users Organizations
    ● Overseas cooperation:
    The contractor and industrial organizations, brand companies, international media, international media and international media and international media in many countries and regions such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Australia, India, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Overseas group exhibition units and companies have established long -term cooperative relationships to attract more overseas companies to come to the exhibition.
    ● Strong propaganda:
    The major media promotion exhibitions of mainstream media and end users in more than 120 industries in the world; exhibitions and publicity in many well -known exhibition groups in many LED industries in the world to enhance the international influence of LEDFAIR 2011; cover the province Large outdoor advertising, comprehensively enhance the popularity and influence of the exhibition.
    The exhibition features
    The scale produces qualitative changes, and the cluster creates value -added: together with the oldest and most authoritative electronic industry exhibition in China -China Electronics Show, to jointly create the LED industry event
    Professional creation value: Industry Value: Industry The centralized exchange platform for leading manufacturers and user engineers and buyers, the operation and support of professional institutions. Professional strength and creation of shadowing; professional implementation depth to achieve practical results.
    Siply discovering new products: not only serving leading manufacturers, especially paying attention to small and medium -sized enterprises, paying attention to domestic independent innovative enterprise growth, integrating exhibitions, Pingye, website resources, and focusing on recommending new products and new technologies.
    The location high -house building: With the advantages of the Yangtze River Delta industry regional, the industrial group represented by the electronic information industry is formed.
    The resource broadcasting deep cultivation: integrate media resources, take care of breadth and depth, and provide three -dimensional services for exhibitors from the forward -looking, exhibition reports, and follow -up of the exhibition.
    The interactive communication: through the authoritative forum --- China Optoelectronics Industry Summit Forum releases or listened to hot topics such as industry orientation, market trends, and technical frontier, share experiences, and contact high-end people.
    The exhibition promotion and buyer invitations
    · Mailing CHINA LED FAIR to the person in charge of the domestic optoelectronic industry enterprise officially invites more than 2000,000 copies; Media and websites cooperate, and continue to publish the image advertisement of the China LED FAIR Optical Exhibition for six consecutive years;
    . Use the company's huge database to focus on domestic and foreign LED manufacturing companies, electronics, IT, semiconductor, industrial control electrical, instrumentation, urban landscape lighting , Stage lighting, municipal construction, stadium, road and bridge transportation, information appliances, automotive electronics, airport ports, digital products, advertising logos, lighting manufacturing, financial securities and other industry professionals. Send a visit to the visit;
    · sent a special person to participate in the large -scale exhibitions of photovoltaic and its user industry held in all parts of the country, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc. ;
    · Putting large outdoor advertisements in Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center, Stege Electronics Market, Huaqiang Electronics World, and high -speed places;
    · Put a large number of mobile advertising promotion based on multiple lines around Shenzhen and region Exhibition;
    · Overseas co -organizers organize overseas buyers to create an international transaction atmosphere;
    · Directly issued a letter through the China Electronics Industry Association and the Optoelectronics Association to invite association organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and the United States and other countries. Overseas electronics manufacturers attended the meeting.
    Media publicity:
    "Shenzhen LED", "China LED Business", "Lighting Technology and Design", "LED Manufacturing", "International LED Technology", "LED Special", China LED News, " LED World "," LED Screen World "," China Optoelectronics Industry "," International Lighting "," Modern Lighting "," Discovery Resources "," International LED Manufacturing "," LED Lighting and Display "," Building Material Weekly ", LED, LED Industrial Network, Shenzhen LED Public Information Network, China LED Network, Senior Industry-LeD Online, Alibaba, International LED Information, China OLED Network, 66LED Navigation, Global Resources, Global Buyer Network, Alibaba, China Advertising Equipment Network, Global Global Buyer network, global LED network, China LED Technology Network, China Advertising Network, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, China Lighting Network, China Electronic Business Career and other domestic and domestic professional magazines and portals.
    Cophane publicity:
    CCTV, Oriental Satellite TV, Shanghai Morning News, Hong Kong Wen Pao, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Mobile TV, Xinhua Evening News, Jingbao, etc.
    Target audience:
    -Global lighting and electrical product manufacturers/retailers/agents/dealers/import and export traders
    -major architectural design institutes (institutes)
    -Colidation Landscape Planning/Construction Company
    -Municipal/Road Light Road Construction Company
    -stage lighting effect design company
    -mobile phone design and manufacturer
    -outdoor advertising manufacturer/ Lease Company
    -Automotive manufacturer
    -Government energy-saving and environmental protection department
    -Engineering construction contract/system contract/decoration decoration company
    -Government urban construction department
    -Hotel /Writing Building and other user units procurement department
    -junior colleges and universities

    -LED packaging and supporting materials (patch LED, high-power LED, digital tube, dot matrix module, organic silicon, epoxy glue, fluorescent powder, substrate, IC, etc.)
    -LED manufacturing equipment and test instruments (points Plastic machine, solid crystal machine, welded wire, color division/lighting machine, foot cutting machine, spectral detector, purification equipment, etc.)
    -LED lighting (LED street lights/tunnel lights, LED outdoor/interior lighting, LED LED, LED Transportation/car lights, solar LED lights, LED lighting accessories, etc.)
    -LED display screen (outdoor/indoor display, full color/dual-color/monochrome display, control system, LED/LCD TV, etc.)
    -LED advertising light sources (emitting characters, logo, signboards, modules, light boxes, lights, guardrail pipes, neon lights, controllers, etc.)
    -LED backlight (mobile phone, MP3, DVD, LCD, computer, etc. Backlight)
    -OLED (organic light emitting diode), LD (laser diode), EL (cold light source), laser sensor, etc.

    The participation fee
    The type area regional standard booth (3 × 3/9㎡) dual opening booth with 10%indoor open space (from 36㎡) does not include venue management fees
    Domestic domestic Enterprise RMB 10000/9㎡ RMB 1000/㎡
    The foreign company USD2520/9㎡ USD260/㎡

    The exhibition scale

    The exhibition procedures: fill in the exhibition application form → stamped with official seal → mail or fax to the organizing committee → Confirmation of the organizing committee confirmation Exhibition qualifications → The exhibitors will remit all the exhibition expenses to the organizing committee within a week and fax the remittance bottom order to the organizing committee → the organizing committee to arrange the booth in accordance with the registration time, the booth scale and the payment order Essence Please see the exhibitors manual for conference reception, accommodation, exhibit consignment, etc., and the deadline for registration: October 8, 2011.

  2. The most professional exhibition in the domestic LED industry is: 1. Guangzhou International LED Exhibition Exhibition Time: February 24-27, 2016: 100,000 square meters of purchasers: 100,000 people exhibition scope: LED display screen, LCD display, LED lighting, LED packaging, LED detection equipment, LED packaging. fair.china/info/5129_16

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