For the IT industry, what problems will be raised during the interview? Will there be exams? For example, applying for the front -end development engineer?

2 thoughts on “For the IT industry, what problems will be raised during the interview? Will there be exams? For example, applying for the front -end development engineer?”

  1. I have also interviewed many people in the IT industry. I think I am qualified to answer it.
    , please introduce yourself to yourself?
    This prompts: Most people answered this question too common, only name, age, hobby, and work experience, these are available in resumes. In fact, what the company wants to know most is whether job seekers can be competent, including: the strongest skills, the most in -depth research knowledge areas, the most positive parts of personality, the most successful things, the main achievements, etc. You can have nothing to do with learning, or it can be related to learning, but it is necessary to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things. Enterprises attach great importance to a person's politeness. Job seekers must respect the examiner. After answering each question, they say "thank you". The company likes polite job seekers.
    In addition to this problem, you also need to pay attention to other common sense issues:
    . When you are abiding, late is the first taboo for interview
    In addition, as a job seeker, do not put it too high. After all, you want to join the company of others. When you are late, you will give people a feeling that you do n’t pay much attention.
    . Dressing and matching, in line with the company's image
    I I have participated in an interview with the company as HR. Tags carefully and casually, no matter how good the later performance, I will not be interested in understanding. It is important to wear the company's image. When you go to the Internet company, we wear Internet elements and interview sales. You have to wear formal clothes. These most basic points will add a lot of impression.
    three, proper words, politeness and generosity
    It, you have to ask the interviewer to ask well. This is the most basic respect and polite manifestation. Talking is generous and confident, the language is smooth, and it is best to be simple and simple. Don't interrupt others to speak, don't feel that you are hanging in the river, and when the interviewer interrupts your words, then the game is over.
    . The behavior is decent, showing the temperament
    New knocked on the door before entering the door to get the instructions and then seat. These simple common sense are not every interviewer. A person's behavior reflects his temperament, and a job seeker who can't stand upright, do you say it will affect the company's image? Standing straight, your hands are natural. The seated with two -thirds of the chair should be placed on the knees with both hands, leaning forward slightly, do not give people the feeling of squatting teahouse.
    The above points, the "face" level basically does not have much problem. Of course, expression ability requires long -term exercise rather than overnight, which depends on your usual accumulation. Let's talk about the question of "test" below.

    What is the "test" to see if you can compete with the company's work, including your company and your own cognition, followed by the degree of mastery of knowledge skills. Hope the following points can help you.
    . Knowing and knowing the other, do not kill each other
    The first understanding of the company you want to go, including the size of the enterprise; the corporate culture; the main business and the current situation. In addition, you also need to understand the company's requirements for your interview position and special needs preparation plan to prove that you can do this position.
    . There is its own career plan
    Enterprises generally pay attention to the problem of career planning, consider factors such as stability, and have their own outlook. The stability of the year). It is not easy for the company to train talents, and naturally do not want the loss of talents.
    . The systemic review of knowledge and skills
    . As the saying goes, "There are beans, you can pour out", as well as knowledge and skills, others ask you or let you do it when you do it. Can think you can't. It is particularly important to do a systematic review and knowledge before the interview.
    . Opportunity is left for those who are prepared
    The preparations here include not only interview clothing, resumes, and the preparation of knowledge skills. You have to prepare as small as a notebook and one notebook. Aside from the interview, not to mention, people who are prepared will give people a very organized feeling.
    it is a technical post and will also prepare some technical interviews. Generally, the technical director asked questions or prepare related test papers based on your resume. He encountered UI interviews. The interviewer asked the interviewer to design it. It is recommended to do it. So sufficient preparation

  2. Most of the questions in the interview are the technical level, and there are self -introduction, work experience, work honor, test or not to look at the enterprise, just treat it.
    The problems involved in the front end:
    1. General HR will give you an interview question, which is some basic content of JS/CSS, depending on whether your basic skills are firm.
    2. After finishing the test questions, the interviewer will ask what project experience, what gains and losses you have done before, and whether you usually study yourself.
    3, ask some framework content, such as jQuery, React, Vue, Angular, etc. What are the UI frameworks.
    4, svn/git has used it, webpack packaging, etc.
    5, why choose our company, why leave, wait for
    6, what else do you have to ask us

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