1 thought on “What are the processes of the WeChat group fission?”

  1. No nonsense, the specific steps are as follows:
    (1) Activity planning
    The purpose of determining the purpose, target users, time, welfare, process, promotion channels, etc.
    (2) Design fission poster
    Chemop copywriting and design fission poster according to the event planning. The elements of fission posters include: titles, selling points, endorsement, activity time, live code, etc. If you live a living code, you can use professional tools such as into group treasures.
    (3) Preparation of fission words
    This tattoos include group spokes (welcome distribution tasks), task reminder (task review missing reminder) Substitute and so on. Different industries have different focus on cracking. Specific speaking templates can be obtained by entering Qunbao AI customer service.
    (4) Background fission activity setting
    Login the background, create fission activities, and complete the corresponding settings. Different fission tools will have different settings. Do not introduce too much here, which can operate the operation guide for each fission tool.
    The activity settings to build groups and generate a living code. Download the live code to the reserved space for the previous fission poster.
    (5) Activity test
    In the background fission activity is set up, the operator should enter the group to experience the entire process, test, and finally optimize the process and discourse.
    (6) Promotion and management of activities
    The fission poster is distributed to the scheduled promotion channels. Optimize user experience.

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