2 thoughts on “What organization is the Xi'an Design Alliance?”

  1. Xi'an Design Alliance Group (referred to as the West Set Alliance) was founded in 2008/6/27: It is a public welfare cross -industry design exchange platform. I hope that through this platform, design peers of different majors will understand each other, enhance their understanding, enhance knowledge, and open up themselves. Viewing thinking; West Fang League consists of 5 professional design Q group plus a cross -industry WeChat group. The content covers plane, space, illustration, animation, web UI, new media, industry, film and television, advertisers! The members of the group are about 1,000; the Western Union (total) group entrance has a strict review and management system, which can basically determine that the members are designed to design practitioners, and the communication is more pure. The post -80s generation is the main force. Most members are the director -level of the design company, or the design entrepreneur. At present, the Western Union has grown into the backbone of Xi'an design. ;

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