How about Zijin Mining recently? Zijin Mining Stock Bar Flower Shun Exchange Group? When will Zijin Mining divide the stock dividend in 2021?

1 thought on “How about Zijin Mining recently? Zijin Mining Stock Bar Flower Shun Exchange Group? When will Zijin Mining divide the stock dividend in 2021?”

  1. With the stability of the epidemic, the transportation and manufacturing industry gradually returned to normal. Due to the help of infrastructure upgrades, the demand for large mineral minerals such as crude oil and metal ore has gradually increased. Today, I will explain to the high-quality companies of the industry in all aspects-Zijin Mining.

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    I. From the perspective of the company,

    The company introduction: Survey and development of mineral resources such as gold, copper, and zinc is the main business of Zijin Mining, and will also engage in some smelting processing and trade and financial business. Judging from the 2000 global listed company "Forbes" 2021, Zijin Mining has achieved the 398th results, the ninth place in global metal companies and the third place in global gold companies. One of the companies.

    It briefly talk about the company's situation of Zijin Mining, and then explore what is the company's investment highlight?

    If advantage I. One of the largest mining companies in China

    Zijinin Mining Group Co., Ltd. Mining Group. The asset size, operating income and cumulative profit tax of Zijin Mining are more than 130 billion yuan. It is one of the most competitive, economic benefits in the Chinese mining industry, the best economic benefits, and the most controlled mining enterprises in metal mineral resources.

    advantages 2. Mineral product reserves are at the forefront of domestic

    If in companies that produce gold, copper, zinc resource source reserves and mineral output in China, Zijin Mining is the best. The company's business in mining project investment has expanded to 14 provinces and regions and overseas countries in China. At present, the number of copper metal resources of copper minerals in Camoria has reached 43.69 million tons. This copper mine is in Africa in Africa Ranking first, ranking fourth in the world. The company has more than or nearly 50%of the total gold, copper, zinc resource reserves and mineral output of the group overseas. The profit contribution rate accounts for more than one -third of the group. One of the companies with the largest number of mineral products.

    If advantage 3. Core competitiveness with scientific and technological innovation, adhere to high -quality sustainable development

    Purple gold mining in geological exploration, wet metallurgy, low -quality difficulty to handle resources comprehensive recycling With rich practical experience and industry -leading technical advantages in the aspects of use, large -scale engineering development, etc., the engineering management model established alone is "ore flow to the fifth ring". Multinational mining enterprises with management capabilities.

    The purple gold mining is also a lifeline for the survival and development of enterprises, and the construction of green mines and ecological civilization is fully implemented. The comprehensive utilization level and energy consumption indicators of resources have long been in the industry in the industry.

    The in -depth report and risk reminder about Zijin Mining due to limited space, I organize in this research report, click to view: [Deep Research] Zijin Mining Comment, it is recommended to collect it. Intersection

    . From the perspective of the industry

    The favorable measures through effective epidemic prevention measures, positive fiscal stimuli and loose monetary policy, the GDP growth rate of major global economies Further recovery, the superimposed supply and demand continued to be tension for a long time, and the prices of basic metals increased significantly. It's like copper, because of the restoration of major global economies to increase the demand for basic metals, but the main producing areas of copper metals have also been disturbed by the epidemic, which led to the inadequate supply of mining raw materials, so the price cannot be high.

    In general, Zijin Mining Co., Ltd. has a leading position in the mining industry. It can use the dividend period of industry growth to further develop further. However, the article has a certain lag. If you want to know more accurately, you know the future of Zijin Mining, click the link directly, and there are professional investment advisors to help you diagnose the stock. [Free] Is there still a chance to test the purple gold mining industry?

    The Answee time: 2021-11-19, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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