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  1. At the beginning of the announcement of the group announcement, it is necessary to point directly at interests, including user pain points and interest points. If it is a notice of the notice, it is necessary to refine the core interest points in the notice and place it at the forefront of the announcement. The beginning part generally includes the title and introduction. The number of words of the title is about 10 words. Usually do not exceed one line, and use less expressions. Introduction is the part of the pain point or interest point.
    If an event announcement, it usually includes activity policy points, activity time, how to participate, etc.; after the group announcement is issued, check whether the user receives a notice and actively respond to. It is usually for the group friends to copy a sentence, or a expression, and send it to the group to make a response.
    The number of group announcements limits 2,000 words. One symbol is equivalent to 1 Chinese character, and 2 numbers/English are equivalent to a Chinese character. At present, only the WeChat group owner can edit the group announcement, and members in the group can receive the content of the announcement in the WeChat group.
    This information
    The method of publishing WeChat group announcements:

    1. Enter the WeChat group, click "..." in the upper right corner, enter;
    2. Find the "group announcement announcement ", Click to enter;
    3, edit the content of the group in the blank space, click to complete, you can publish group announcements.

  2. Write
    of the WeChat group settings as follows
    1, first, open the group chat page and click the icon in the upper right corner.
    2, then select the group announcement.
    3. If you are a group owner, you can edit the content of the group here! But the members of the general group cannot be edited, only the owner has the authority.
    4. After editing, click to complete, and you will prompt you "the announcement will notify all the members of the group, whether to release it?", click on the release to release
    5, at this time you can see in the group announcement at this time, you can see in the group announcement at this time. I just released the content.
    6, and in the chat window@所有 人.

  3. Shortcut keys to describe space: Play/ pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increased by 10% ↓: A amount of volume decreases 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds ←: Press 5 seconds in a single fast retreat. You can re -open the small window in the player settings and play the error, please refresh your try

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