"Choose the Heaven" Luhan Xiandan is suspected to be a fish ball. People in the industry say that film and television props are more crudely made

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  1. Writing: Beijing News reporter Zhang He Zhou Huixiao Wan
    The editor of New Media: 佟
    This is the original content of the Beijing News (ID :), without written authorization of the Beijing News. R n The costume idol drama "Choose the Heaven" on Hunan Satellite TV's hit. This TV series starring in a lot of fresh meat flowers such as Luhan, Gulina, Wu Qian, etc., these days, the first kiss of the screen was given a heated discussion. But there are a lot of controversy about this play, especially the various props in the play have been questioned by the audience. For example, succulent plants act as fairy grass; the huge "dragon blood" as a glass ball made the fans call directly: "Is it to kill Chen Changsheng?"
    The reporter in the Beijing News reported "Choose the Heaven" Sun Mingzhen, the prop by the prop, and the props master Wang Shuiming, who had participated in the props produced by film works such as "The Dragon Finding the Lantern" and "The Thailand of the People on the Road". Sun Mingzhen said that each of these problems will appear in each scene, "Because the play is a drama, it is a portrayal of life." Wang Shuoli believes that the production of props generally does not use the real objects as props. "Each prop needs to be processed again. Because the props are also telling stories, many props are currently working as a porter and a buyer who are doing items. "
    " Selection of Heaven "part of the items △ The name of the play in the play: Echo Grass ( You can be a grass that passes the tube); physical guessing: Pigcao grass
    △ Below: Millennium lotus seeds in the play; above: Audience metaphor: beer bottle
    △ The name of Chen Changsheng Guess: fish ball

    △ The name of the play: a certain fairy grass; physical guess: succulent
    △ The name of the drama: Dragon Blood; physical guess: glass ball

    △ The name of the play: Millennium root; physical guess: small hair tree

    △ Drama name: Millennium ginseng; physical guess: sausage
    The props master's view of the fantasy drama props is not one king water conservancy ("The Dragon Finding the Dragon Find" of the Ghost): It is definitely not right
    This he does not understand the design of the props in "Choose the Heaven", " If you just look at the picture, this is the ginseng! In the Chinese thought, the ginseng is not the case. "In his opinion, many people in the industry have lost the attributes of" telling stories "in the industry, but purely in pure in The porter and buyer of items, "We make props, not only to find the real thing, but also the design and change, how to surpass life, to tell stories with props and scenes is the most important."
    king Water conservancy believes that fantasy dramas should have higher requirements for props and scenes, because propsmists need to use their imagination to make the immortal world different from the world, "but you take a ready -made plant, which is definitely wrong. Find a wild plant that has not seen much, and then build it on this basis. "
    Sun Mingzhen: (" Select Heaven "," Glory of the Tang Dynasty "properly): props The more realistic, the better
    The props of fantasy dramas are made based on the drawings designed by art teachers. At present, there are many film and television markets, and there are many audiences who pay attention to details, so the more realistic the items are, the better. "In fact, it is generally guaranteed to be true and the elixir that can be eaten by actors. If you see more, it is chocolate beans or other foods that can be eaten." In his opinion, the problem of using physical props It will appear, "because the show was originally a portrayal of life. The props mentioned in the script are things that people imagine. Some props make the audience just like something on the market, but it is also expected by art teachers and directors. Many thoughts are carefully set. "
    Iladies to reveal the props industry: 1 The threshold for admission is low, and the monthly salary can reach 60,000
    This props are not good. The phenomenon. Wang Shuoli said that at present, Taoist Division is a very low threshold industry, and there are too many unprofessional people, but excellent props are very difficult to find. "Many people's views on the props now are the previous views, that is, porters and buyers. So many people can make props. But in fact, they do n’t understand that a proper master will make props for the story. Each prop is also about the script and screen. "
    In Wang Shuiwei, in his team, in his team The props worker's working hours were originally 10 hours a day, but it is because many people are not professional, so many times the entire team has to work overtime. "I have been a proper master for three years, but now many people do n’t want to be a master if they do n’t study well.”
    The reason why the quality of the props is uneven. In fact, it is the "blue -collar" work with the props, but the income is comparable to white -collar workers. The monthly salary of mature props can reach 60,000 yuan. Even if many crews currently choose a props with a lot of qualifications, the monthly salary reaches about 25,000 yuan.
    2 The production expenses are small. However, insufficient props for props still cause headaches for many props.
    In Wang Shuili's view, props production funds should be determined according to the scene. For example, works such as "Long Xun Jue" and "Eight Hundred Strong men" need to be displayed by props and scenes. The money spent in this area should be more. However, some modern dramas just transform the existing scenes, or costume dramas are just the existing props to refurbish the props library. To do it; but "Thailand" is spent very little, because it is existing in Thailand, so we spend hundreds of thousands. "
    △ R N, but the props of many dramas are crudely made, it is precisely because the crew refuses to spend money on the props. "Because a lot of money has given the actors, we have to think about how to use limited money and arrange special scenes."
    Wang Shuoli believes that the production fee must be spent in the picture. "Everything about the characters and the things in my hands is the most important prop. We will spend money on this carefully, and even we will have a special troops to make personal props." And many props are because they do n’t do n’t do n’t. Understand the requirements of the scene and waste money outside the picture.
    3 of the number of props are hundreds of people, as few as dozens of
    According to the different needs of the work, the number of the props group usually ranges from dozens to hundreds. Wang Shuoli said that the number of people depends on the number of props and the size of the scene. For example, the props team of the big scene war film "The Eight Hundred Hundreds" of the big scene of his tenure is about 150 people. The crew sets up nearly 4,000 square meters of production workshops. Essence "When getting a drawing of drawings, we will choose a place first. For example, we may first let the sculptor carve a mold for us, and then we change it on the mold. Finally, do it again. "
    But in comparison, there are only more than 50 people in the props of" Ghost Blowing the Lantern "(hereinafter referred to as" Dragon Find "). The amount is not so large, but the details are required. "

    4 props production process

    A read the script, check the information
    Background and design elements, Wang Shuoli said: "We will go to the museum, look for it online, go abroad, plus the information provided by the art design, the information provided by the Quartet."
    In Wang Shuiming, when shooting "Long Xun Jue", they got the script 4 months before the boot, and the currently filmed "Eight Hundred Strong Heroes" was early to 5 months in advance. Want to do it. It is not difficult to match the reality, but it is not easy to make props only in this drama.
    b Finding physical props and processing
    Wang Shuoli said that making props should not forget the three major elements: 1. Conflict "realism" 2. Conformity with storyline 3. Follow the character of the character
    It is revealed that the props team generally finds the real thing in life. "Because the props can't be seen at all, it should be something that the audience has seen."
    The processed according to the script. In reality, Wang Shuoli believes that it must not be used directly in a real thing. "We need to be processed after verification, and we will also talk to the entire team. More realistic. "
    For example, to make a gun, the gun is generally a unified style, but the story set is that the protagonist of the gun is used for two or three years. For secondary processing, "Like the strap of a gun, you may want the cloth of his clothes to graft, and some objects on his body will be tied on the gun. We will make some such decorations. After this production The movies are not the same, and the character of the character is added, and the character of the movie is also added. "
    △" White Deer Plain "and" Ode to Joy "are very different.
    Because of this, Wang Shuoli said that many props need to redesign and re -open molds, which is equivalent to making new products in the market. "For example, the" Vajrayana Umbrella "prop, we took it for a month and a half. Even if the general props are in a hurry, it will take half a month to 20 days."
    C audit props
    The props are reviewed in the model room.
    Wang Yongli said: "We will be placed according to the time (shooting), and will be divided according to the characters and scenes after being placed. We may do this once a week."
    Actor review. Generally, after the actor enters the group, set the props within 5-10 days before the boot, and then leave 2-3 days of debugging time, because all the props to rework to modify it is very high, and sometimes you need to re-re-re-reinstate it again. Development, "We have rewritten about 10 times."
    "Because each actor has its own habits, we want to let the actors put on costumes, hold our props, and see where he thinks may not be If you are comfortable, we will adjust it according to him. "Wang Shuiming revealed that when filming" Long Xun Jue ", the bag on the back of Shu Qi's body was designed with a back, but" because the girl has a chest, and the back of the King Kong has to carry King Kong again. An umbrella or something, so she feels uncomfortable with her shoulders, so we will change to the back of the shoulders. "
    but not all the props were made before booting. Wang Shuiwei revealed that when they filmed "Villain Angel", they only involved in the script 2 months in advance, so the time was relatively rushing, and they could only prepare the items that were shot first. "After all, we can also make it. Different shooting order (coming). Some are shooting later, and we can make it again in the shooting, so we still need to follow the process of the shooting of the characters and scenes. "

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