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  1. Wang Si Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Changshu. Founded in the thirteenth year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1887), it was originally a small hotel located in the northern section of Xingfu Street in the northern foot of Yushan, named Wang Wanxing Hotel. The owner Wang Zukang has a superb cooking skills, diligent in entrepreneurship, and uses field vegetables, mountain odors, and family chickens and ducks to cook dishes. The osmanthus white wine made is sweet and mellow; the oily chicken mountain bird has a unique flavor. Customers are mainly local villagers. In 1920, Wang Zukang died, and his son Wang Weizhang inherited his father's business, and his business developed. Because his father ranked fourth among his brothers, he named the shop as Wang Sijiu in honor of his father.

    In 1928, a two -story building was built near the original site as a new store, and the old shop was changed to winemaking workshop. In 1933, the poet Yi Junzuo came here to dine here. "". The Book of Songs is circulating, and the name of the store is large. In October 1947, Song Qingling and Song Meiling made a special trip from Wuxi to Changshu to Xingfu. Lunch was hosted by Wang Si Restaurant. Many newspapers reported the news, and the reputation was even more famous all over the country, and tourists diners came.

    For decades, every time in the spring and autumn season, the door is often like the city. In 1982, a spacious and elegant new building was built. In 2003, the Wangsi Restaurant was expanded, with a total investment of 38 million yuan and a construction area of ​​7,500 square meters.

    Address: No. 358, Xingfu Street, Yushan North Road, Changshu

    Publishing number: 0512-52849999

    Changshu "Huang Tianyuan" - The Songsheng Cake Tour Store is the only professional cake group in Changshu City.

    Crispy Zhai was founded in 1984. In the early days, it was only a small cooked food shop in the back street of Changshu City. In just ten years, It has developed into more than 30 chain stores, more than 70 employees, and a professional cooked food joint sales business enterprise with an annual sales of 10 million yuan. Since its establishment, Crispy Zhai has been rated as a civilized unit and an advanced collective for many years. In 1989, he was awarded the first batch of "dual -letter units".
    Crispy fasting pine: Crispy fasting pine uses the premium pork leg meat and processes it according to the traditional process. This product is golden, fresh and delicious, and is rich in protein and a variety of amino acids in the human body. It is a good product for banquets, tourism, and gifts.

    Thexin is the only name for Changshu snack kingdom and Volkswagen Consumer Park. It is the only level shop in the city. The shop has more than 50 varieties of snacks and snacks all year round. In January 1999, the three snacks of stone plum cakes, lotus seeds and glutinous rice, and Xinya Zhongbao, which were produced and operated by the store, were rated as Jiangsu's famous points by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Trade and Jiangsu Cooking Association.
    The Xinya Zhongbao is famous for thin skin, heavy filling, and marinade, and is widely welcomed by consumers. In 2002, he was awarded the honorary title of "Chinese Catering Famous Store" by the Chinese Culinary Association.

    The famous century -old shop Mountain Scenic Park was founded in the sixteenth year of Guangxu (1890) in the Qing Dynasty. Jiangnan. Today, the Ministry of Trade and Trade of the China Cooking Association and the Suzhou Tourism Bureau are named Chinese restaurants and Jiangsu Catering Famous Store Tourist Restaurant. At that time, Huang Peizhang, the founder of the year, went to Beijing with the official. After returning, he and the master partnership with the masters in the east side of Shimeifang to build a building. He hosted a banquet in the Han Dynasty and won the praise of the Governor of the Qing court to become the crown of the industry. The famous kitchen of the store Zhuo Er created famous dishes such as chicken and lotus leaf hoofs in the store, which made Mountain View Garden famous. Shao Songnian, an emperor of the two dynasties, sent a plaque "Mountain View Garden".
    The dishes of the mountain scenery garden, on the basis of maintaining the traditional characteristic flavor, pushed out the new and drawn the length of the north and south famous states. Therefore, the Shanghai Gold Medal Master and the master of Changshuyuan Mountain Scenic Garden are jointly hired to create the beauty of Chinese cuisine. Beautiful situation.
    Jiangnan red roast meat, shrimp seeds large black ginseng crab powder tofu, oil burst shrimp

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