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  1. The booming of the real estate market and the improvement of people's living standards, the real estate market has begun to segmented gradually. People with different income and quality of life have different requirements for housing. Developers also attract target customer bases through unique product selling points. Our reporter is divided into eight categories of home purchase groups and interviewed typical buyers of each home buyer group. It has designed a personalized home property plan for the eight categories of home buying groups, hoping to provide people with some references when buying a house.

    Single aristocratic people
    The characteristic: Single people are mostly young people who have participated in work. They have not saved much, but they are looking forward to the housing heart. They should adopt a stepped consumer model. With the growth of personal income, changes in jobs, and children in the future, they will change their housing in a timely manner.
    The property plan: Single buyers should consider the current residence and future transfer when buying a house. Generally speaking, the following three aspects are mainly based on the geographical location of the house. Single people happen to be at the beginning of the business. They are busy every day and return early and return. Therefore, mature areas are very important for them. The traffic around the community should be very convenient. It is best to be within half an hour's drive from the work unit. It is a pity to waste too much time on the road every day. Another meaning of a mature location is that the atmosphere of business, culture, and living should be strong, which can meet the needs of young people's clothing, food, behavior, and music. In the future, if the job changes, you can also change the housing. Because the native house is in a mature area, it will be very easy to rent or sell.

    2. Unit area. Single people do not need to buy large units, so that they have a heavy economic burden on their backs. The total price of small units on the market is low, full of functions, and the most favored by singles. For young people who have just stepped into the society, the lower total housing prices can make the loan's pressure relatively small. In addition, the loan should try to choose a longer repayment period. When developing, you can also repay in advance; for single people, the most important thing is not spacious living room or decent kitchen, but a small bedroom and studio.

    3. Community and surrounding supporting facilities. Young singles are quite precious. The fast -paced work often makes them have no time to take care of their personal life. Therefore, it is best to be equipped with comprehensive living service facilities within the community or around the project, including sports facilities and commercial facilities.

    The characteristics of demolition family: Demolition families generally live in the original housing area for a long time, and the convenience of life there is higher than other strange areas. Although the demolition households will receive some economic compensation due to the demolition of the old house, the old house is generally small, and the economic compensation obtained is not enough to buy an ideal house.

    The property plan: Demolition families mainly consider the impact of new homes on the original life and the price of new homes when purchasing the new house. There are overlapping properties in living areas. The demolition households generally live in a relatively old and old community, and have a long time of life. They have formed a strong living dependence on the old house. It is appropriate.

    2. Demand for units area. The demolition households generally pay more attention to the total price of the house. Although the old house is often located in the center of the city, the area is very small, and the total amount of demolition funds is difficult to meet the needs of home property. Generally, it is recommended to buy used houses or relatively remote commercial houses in the indigenous land.

    The characteristics of the wedding couple: The newlywed couple has limited working hours, not much savings, and pays more attention to the total price of the house; The environment and supporting requirements are relatively high.

    The property plan: A pair of newcomers who are about to enter the marriage hall are more discerning of houses. Generally, the following is the following 3 points:

    1. Residential houses Feature. Although the newlyweds have a small family population when they buy new homes, they should consider changes in the future family structure. Generally speaking, they should choose two -bedroom houses as much as possible. Unit design should highlight the characteristics of life.

    2. Residential area and price control. Due to the limited payment capacity, and at the same time, the living expenditure after marriage is also on the rise, so the newlyweds have stricter requirements for the area and total price of the house.

    3. Community and surrounding supporting projects. The surrounding is best equipped with complete living service facilities, including sports facilities, commercial facilities, medical care, preschool education and other supporting facilities.

    The mature family crowd
    The characteristic: mature families are usually stable in structure, good economic conditions, and buying is generally aimed at improving.

    [b] Real Estate Plan: [/B] This type of home buyer has a strong regular life, and the main purpose of buying a house is to change the unsatisfactory part of the existing living conditions. Therefore sex.

    1. The geographical location of the house. The degree of discerning of mature families for geographical location is low. For the place where the project is located, the transportation is convenient.

    2. House function is mature. Family house purchase is mainly to improve living conditions. The design details of the new house are the most concerned. For example: the best bedroom opening room is best above 3.5 meters; the area of ​​the master bedroom is best above 15 square meters; the living room opening room is best controlled between 4.2 ̄4.5 meters, and the area should not be less than 14 square meters. Essence The living room should have direct lighting and natural ventilation. The living room should minimize the number of direct opening to the living room door, and at least one side of the wall is not less than 3 meters.

    3. Pay attention to project quality. Because buying a house is mainly to improve the living environment, buyers attach most importance to the quality of the project. In addition, better property services are needed.

    If elderly home buyers
    The characteristic: elderly home buyers generally do not pay much attention to the total price of single houses. The location, community environment, hospital and property services are Consumers value the most.

    The property plan: The elderly buyers are convenient for the residence itself, but the requirements for surrounding areas such as property and medical care, shopping, etc.

    1. Community and residential location. The communities where the elderly live are usually located in a remote place in developed urban areas. On the one hand, they can enjoy comprehensive supporting facilities in the urban area. The elderly are weak. It is best to have life, shopping, leisure and medical functions around the community; on the other hand, buying houses for the elderly People are accustomed to a quiet living environment, noise in the city and a large number of people will affect the health of the elderly.

    2. Community environment. The elderly are insufficient physical strength. Generally, they like to conduct small exercise in the community. Not only the configuration of these fitness facilities in the community, but also a more beautiful natural environment to meet the requirements of the elderly on the landscape. Usually the greening rate is generally high. The communities with garden landscapes and water attractions are more popular.

    3. Property service issues. The most concerned problem in the elderly community is the issue of property services. The property services here not only maintain and maintain the public part, but also to conduct one -to -one -by -one service in each house in the residents. Many households cannot be engaged, and these are solved by the property company. Some communities are equipped with emergency calls for the elderly, serving residents at any time, and dealing with emergencies in the home, which is favored by elderly consumers.

    4. Details of houses. The elderly residents have a lot of details about the details of the house. The first is the floor, usually not higher than one -third of the whole building. The room is required, especially the bedroom is sufficient; there is also the interior, it is best not to choose the wrong layer or jump layer, and do not choose a multi -corner diamond room.

    The characteristics of investment guests: Investors are divided into two types: short -term investment and long -term investment. Usually the former invests in houses and earns the difference by fluctuating the price of short -term residential houses; Profit.

    The property plan: 1. Residential investor. Investment housing is usually intervened during the startup period to obtain lower transaction prices. The most ideal investment property is the part of the central landscape area, moderate units, and one -half of the buildings in the building. For the project itself, there should be more inspection. The main thing is the location. A relatively developed position will greatly increase the property value. Generally Essence 2. Investors in the shop office building. Both shops and office buildings are better investment projects for a long time. Although houses can also be used for rental and then selling profit, lease profit is far less cost -effective as shops and office buildings. Both shops and office buildings are good for mature areas. It is best to be a traditional commercial gathering area with a strong commercial or business atmosphere. At present, many developers have adopted charter and repurchase policies. It can be said that shops and office buildings are currently a relatively easy way of investment.

    SOHO people
    The characteristics: The company is small, limited or in a personal entrepreneurial period, and uses office and residence to save funds and convenient work.

    The property plan: One of the major features of SOHO products is that they have a transparent and generous design of the office and a comprehensive function of the house; they have the price that is more affordable than the office building, but also uses the same use as the residence. Speed. SOHO products have been favored by small companies and entrepreneurs since its introduction.

    1. Geographical location. SOHO products are rarely used for living. They are usually mainly office. The location of the product is the biggest selling point of SOHO products. It is located in a mature business area. Traffic convenience is the biggest selling point of SOHO products. The mature business district brings a great chance of business transaction opportunities, and the development of transportation and convenience brings high efficiency and fast.

    2. Project support. Although the initial SOHO is only an intermediate product of office buildings and houses, it is highly sought after after the market. The current SOHO products can not only compare the comfort with the house, but also compare supporting facilities with real office buildings.

    The people of the wealthy heart
    The characteristic: strong purchase ability and high pursuit of life taste.

    The property plan: It is not important for such details such as the location of the crowd and other units. They are definitely the best for the project's location, design, and selection materials, but they are more concerned about whether the taste and characteristics of the project are in line with their taste. Secondly, they are more concerned about the construction of the community's cultural environment and the overall level of the quality of the residents. Fundamentally, the most needed for the rich people may not be a house, but the lifestyle that lives there, close to nature but not far from civilization, and a group of neighbors who are consistent with their identity and close taste. (*^__^*Back to the trust of Wenyou with a correct mentality and professional answer is my greatest honor and happiness!

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