1 thought on “How much does a 500 -person owner make money?”

  1. It mainly depends on what business
    For such a large group, it is indeed possible to obtain the income by completing a certain amount of task. Of course If you come out 1,000 yuan, each person earns 1,000 yuan in a day. Then to say that this group must earn 500,000, then this marketing strategy is difficult to do. Everyone is 30,000 yuan a month. Ordinary people can't get such a salary at work, so they still have to have a face -oriented person. Then he has a project, or a project. Through people's bargaining, you can get something for free, and then auction. It may be costly. This may be that in the first -tier cities that realize red envelopes through this group of groups, and the form of completion of tasks to make a profit. Most people dare not do so.

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