How to answer the question of "why do you leave" when applying for the fast -moving food industry?

1 thought on “How to answer the question of "why do you leave" when applying for the fast -moving food industry?”

  1. In the workplace, go to a new job and you will definitely ask a question: Why do you leave the previous company?

    The reasons for everyone to leave the original company, but for this sensitive question, we ca n’t answer anything. It is important to give the interviewer a reasonable reason for the resignation. If the answer is not good, the interviewer will consider whether you will not do it for the same reason for the same reason.

    The reason is there for example, for example, the original company did not pay you five insurances and one fund in accordance with the law; or the company was relocated, far from here. These reasons are more normal, and interviewers are easier to understand you. Of course, the rigorous company will call your original company for some investigations.

    but some reasons, for example, "I think the company has no future development", but I can't say why there is no future development. This empty answer will bring your thinking to the interviewer your thinking It feels not good. The new company is very afraid of such interviewers who "go away and go".

    But among the many reasons for the resignation, the most taboo and the most uncomfortable interviewer is the bad words of his former boss. When you are constantly complaining about the various "atrocities" of the former boss, the door of the new company has actually closed it to you. Who knows if you will say this company in the future?

    Smart people will not only say bad things about the former owner, but also should be grateful to describe a lot of things from the previous boss. In the small seeing big, let the interviewer feel your grace. On the other hand, you understand your character. Your new journey of your workplace will be much smoother.

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