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  1. Hello: Recommended: If you do n’t run, you will go out:
    The friends who want to run but difficult to persist alone: ​​Each person pays a sum of money as a supervision contract, run together, who does not run, deduct the contract payment Runners, without any excuses, go out without running. WeChat search public account "without running out of the game" to join the running group!
    This group launched on November 21, 2014. As of now, more than a thousand people have insisted on running for more than 21 days. The mission of the running group is to allow everyone to persist in running.
    This group contract:
    each person takes out a sum of money as a supervisory contract;
    Coloning in accordance with the minimum number of kilometers in accordance with the provisions of the running class;
    Nike and other running counting software records running data and screenshots;
    The screenshot of the running data at the public account before 23:50 on the day;
    Watan who does not run, deduct the contract of the day, and divide it to the runners who persist on the day.
    The run group statement:
    This is a group of contract running groups sponsored by a group of friends who pursue changing. The spirit of the contract is our core. In order to maintain the healthy development of the running group n Once you register to join the run, except for some irresistible reasons, you cannot apply for a refund to withdraw from the way;
    The judgment criteria for the daily running situation are limited to the running screenshots submitted by the WeChat public account.
    If there is a cheating, it is deemed to be seriously destroying the spiritual behavior of the contract of the running group. It will be deducted from all the contract and shall not be added to the running group within one month; Back to the contract that has persisted in the number of days, but you cannot get the bonus in the running cycle;
    The return can be withdrawn directly at the personal center account. Please adopt, thank you.

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