What female biology is misunderstood

To give you a more complete understanding of this special and vital organ, here's a list of 10 things women must understand about where to get excited and why regular sex is the best way to ensure vaginal health! Let the realsex doll tell you.

1. She was born four months ago.​

The embryonic reproductive organs mature gradually, eventually giving the baby its own sex. If D is around 10 weeks old and NA is destined to be a boy, the penis and testicles will gradually form. In a baby girl, the reproductive organs grow into a vagina.

2. Not all vaginas have hymns.​

If you don't bleed on your first night, it may be because you inadvertently broke the hymen - the thin membrane that normally attaches to the opening of the vagina - and can be damaged by exercise and placing a tampon - some people are born without hymen.

In contrast, some people's hymens are so thick that they have surgery to remove them - making it possible to have sex or have tampons placed. There's a sex doll storage box.

3. She is only part of the reproductive organ.​

​Numerous women believe that the vagina is the entirety of the female reproductive organs, which is wrong. Although only an inch apart, the clitoris, vulva, and urethra are still separate parts of the reproductive organs. ​Then how do you define a woman's vagina? The vagina is a moist muscular tube that begins in the inner vagina and extends about 3 inches in the direction of the pelvis to the cervix (opening of the uterus). The vagina gives us orgasms and is a place for the best friend of the month, but also an outlet for our children to leave their mothers in the future.

4. There are plenty of bacteria in the vagina.​

Never fear, it's these bacteria that maintain the acidic environment in the vagina and keep us safe from infection. In your vagina, there are about 15 types of bacteria that act as guardians against harmful microbes and bacteria.

5. She smells

A normal vagina will smell a bit differently, depending on your meal, your own smell, and your cycle. ​Additional flavors come from sweat, eating garlic, and semen mixed with secretions.​

6. She craves fresh air

Just like any other part of your body, your vagina needs fresh air. If skinny jeans or rayon underwear leave her gasping for air, bacteria can thrive and easily cause infections.

7. She itches

Dry skin, sweating, and clothes that are overly thick can make you itch or sting. But severe itching lasting more than a day or vaginal itching is fewer simple and could be a bacterial infection or other reproductive organ disease.​

8. She also needs a health check up.​

Every three months, you should perform a self-examination of your vagina. The method is simple - open the labia and use a mirror to observe the appearance of the pubic area to check for abnormal growths and if the color of the vulva is normal. ​Normally there are no major problems with our tests, but if you find any suspicious lumps or bags, be sure to see a doctor for a professional examination as soon as possible.

9. No scents

Soaps or scented cleansers can damage vaginal tissue. The scented ingredients in these cleaning products may cause skin irritation. The correct way to wash is to rinse the pubic area with water, not soap. Doctors advise women to use addition-free toilet paper, fragrance-free pads and fragrance-free personal cleaning products.​

10. You haven't lost a lot of blood.​

Although you suspect you're bleeding at least 500ml of blood, the reality is only a few tablespoons of menstrual bleeding. So, we don't lose too much blood.

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