Where do you usually find building materials on the Internet?

For example, if you want to buy architectural materials, have you bought it online? Is it reliable to buy and sell building materials online? I hope that friends in the building materials industry will discuss together, the construction materials industry exchange group -211856838 What good suggestions do you have to discuss together

3 thoughts on “Where do you usually find building materials on the Internet?”

  1. On Taobao, as long as you don't find unreasonable low prices, it is generally no problem. Wangwang asked whether to be positive for the factory. If you have any questions, return the goods directly, and there is nothing to say about the selling price. It is good to buy something.
    If it is not expensive, Jingdong and Xintan can also.

  2. I have not bought it on the building materials online, only inspected on the spot. Some time ago, I went to a family of Shangyi in Jinan, Shandong. I went to see it. It was not bad. Background walls, film and television walls, porch, ceiling, etc. Essence Essence It's good, I set a little bit more

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