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  1. The recruitment
    The Jining Vocational and Technical College is an ordinary high -vocational college approved by the Shandong Provincial People's Government in October 2000. It is located in the home of Confucianism and Mencius, the home of Confucian culture, and Jining, Shandong Province of Etiquette. City. The geographical location is superior and the humanities are deep. Here, the green trees and elegant environment are the ideal situation of reading and knowledge. The college currently has 755 faculty members, 662 full -time teachers, 193 professors and associate professors, 462 doctors and masters, and more than 90%of the "dual -teacher" teachers. There are more than 600 part -time teachers' libraries with corporate engineers and technicians. The college has 16 teaching and research units and 20 teaching auxiliary units to closely meet the development needs of pillar industries such as local equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism, and the province's "New Silicon Valley". Technology, computer technology, smart construction, "Internet " business and other 10 advantageous professional groups that adapt to the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. With 47 internal training centers and 3 school factories such as mechanical and electrical, CNC, and automobiles, more than 400 off -campus training bases have been established. Municipal innovation platform. There are more than 18,000 full -time students, and the employment rate of graduates is 98.07%.
    In the school's official website, the school has established a high -vocational professional construction committee participating in industry enterprise experts, adheres to the professional construction ideas of "active adaptation, moderate advancement, service industry, and supporting transformation". For the leading industries, we have strengthened the industrial supporting high vocational majors such as electromechanical integration technology, automotive detection and maintenance technology, construction engineering technology, biotechnology and applications, etc., and have added talents such as CNC technology, coal deep processing and utilization of talents; Close to the modern service industry, opened up vocational majors such as eye vision technology, logistics management, and tourism management; 6 advantageous higher vocational professional groups such as mechanical and electrical, automobiles, and biological have been built, forming a close connection between schools and grounds, high vocational professional root planting, and higher vocational professional root planting Professional pattern of industrial and talent training and service local development.

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