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  1. Every day someone comes to ask Lao Gao,
    The whether you want to enter the second -hand car industry.
    Muori to summarize his experience and view today.
    (below is purely personal opinion, not right, please correct the second -hand car coffee)
    First of all, I think the current market, as Xiaobai, want to enter the second -hand car industry,
    old old Gao is absolutely opposed. Essence
    The first category of questioning is graduates and young people in the industry.
    The second category is the same as the old high. There are iron rice bowls. I also want to do some sideline business and do part -time jobs.
    The third category is the unemployed person who wants to do anything and do nothing. Seeing a group of love and one line, doing one line and a line, summarizing experience, and continued to try on the road to try.
    For the above three types of people,
    Lao Gao thinks that the most suitable for second -hand cars is the third type of crowd.
    Because you have enough time to hit the south wall, no one jokes you when you hit the blood flow.
    Igly in 2006, I came into contact with used cars and bought the first used car in 2007.
    In the following years, I often walk around in the car market,
    , I do n’t buy any cars, but I have to mix a face.
    , one day after day, one year after year, Lao Gao met a few car dealers.
    , even if you do n’t know it, you have to seize their name with their face.
    , even if you are not right, you need to know which car owner is.
    can't remember this?
    In you also need to know that there are several big car dealers and several big dealers in the car market.
    At least when you collect the car in the future, chat with the car dealer and pretend to be familiar with anyone.
    The knows what you know above, and you should know that you should know,
    The following is the car shaking person who knows takeaway.
    The so -called car shaking people are people who set up a brand on the side of the road and collect them at a high price.
    . They generally do not need to move their money. As long as they intercept the car and ask about it,
    and then feel that the price is appropriate, they are reported to the car dealers in the car or the car market, and there are people like Lao Gao.
    . They are very accurate to check the car and can check a lot of cars every day.
    . They do not need to grasp the price and market of the car. They just need to grasp the condition of the car and report the accuracy of the car condition.
    Mato to collect this car, you have to give the car the car with 1,000-2000 information fees.
    The carrier is very important. Knowing 5 is enough for you to drive.
    but I only know it, why do they give you the car?
    The first, you are generous, the car he reported is successful, and the tea fee you give is higher than the others.
    The second, the car reported by the car, no matter what the car is, it makes him feel that you are his only big customer.
    Third, formulate a cooperative relationship with the shake car, collect the money for the car, sell half of the profit, so that he will also help you collect the car outside.
    The channel is to find the source of the car online.
    The second -hand car website to find personal car sources, but there are few now.
    It I think in the future, all used car platforms will be car dealers,
    Mi may not be allowed to release it, unless it is released at high prices.
    So the personal car must be sold to car dealers or to the platform in the future.
    If persons to individuals, the passage will be closed in the future.
    This is the only way for market development.
    Is when you find the source of your personal car, you have to look at the price first,
    The personal car source is generally high, because they do not know what the price of their car market is.
    It, like my aunt's 2007 Pastel today, she asked me how much I could sell, and I said about 33,000 to 35.
    . She still wanted to sell more than 50,000. Essence Essence
    . Some personal car sources are very low, lower than car dealers' cars,
    80%of these cars are problematic cars. N results were seen by car dealers and could not be sold, so they were lucky on the Internet.
    and often write [Do not disturb]. Because the car dealers are afraid of the problem!
    So I personally want to pick up cheap online.
    Mou friends often ask Lao Gao.
    Muori wants to tell everyone that everyone's chat, psychological state, and adaptability are different.
    The same car with 60,000 yuan, the old high can be cut to 50,000, but you can only cut to 55,000,
    This is the different ability of everyone. Essence
    So don't ask how much acceptance, just buy it according to your price.
    The first category, graduates and young people in the industry. If you want to enter the second -hand car industry, you can only start with Ma Zai from Xiao Bai, give people legs, help to do business, worship the master to study the car, worship the elder brother to mix The car market. This road is too long, and rarely comes from this road. Often half -way is abandoned.
    It said that the appraiser and the car inspector are all everywhere. Essence Essence Essence Why do you use you? That monthly salary is not as good as the car dealer sells a car.
    So young people, do n’t do second -hand cars, are not in the future. It ’s a bit late now, but it does n’t rule out the savvy young people who will soon enter the industry. After the car sells the car, you will learn the real things.
    The second category, unless you have a skill, don't say you like cars, don't say personal hobbies, don't say that you have time, don't say that you can invest in free money. Essence Essence
    In this year, there are more people who have hobbies. If you like cars, you can honestly watch the car home and look at the old high bragging. Essence If you really want to get involved in the used car industry, you have to learn from true. Because you are not as young as the first type of person, you have time to get up, you can get up. Second -hand cars take a lot of time and energy, not to say that it is a car dealer to take it back, you have to consider selling it. Essence Some people say that I like second -hand cars. I buy it back and sell it. Then, I guarantee that 95%will lose money. Essence
    The third category is suitable for dry used cars, because some are time and energy, you can go to the car market to go around, just like the beginning of the old Gao, go to see if you do n’t buy a car, and chat with the car dealer. Essence When you are familiar with one or two, you will learn something with them. Essence Of course, you have to invite guests to drink and become friends on the wine table. In the future, you can open the gap from him to know more people.
    Is do n’t learn old and high, old high is a wonderful work, inexplicably becoming a semi -professional car dealer.
    The people collecting a lot of car, some people sell the car.
    The money is not made by one person, nor is it made from a day.
    This water is long, and it sells thinner.
    The car dealer is a very tiring profession.
    The people who can do second -hand cars, do not talk about other industries.
    old high -faced to the second -hand car people bowing.

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