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  1. The speech has the characteristics of distinctive views and encouraging content. In a society where development is continuously accelerated, can we all use speech, or do we do not show the speech? Here are 8 new era of speech I have carefully organized. Welcome to share it.
    The new era speech draft 1 President Yin Chairman Yin Chairman Yin and Deputy President Teng and leaders:
    The recent China Point Tong Company is the new era health industry group (hereinafter referred to as "New Era Group Group Group Group ) The development strategic design plan, although it has strong practical significance, is still necessary to discuss it. I will provide some materials here and talk about the group development ideas. 20xx –12-17
    The major market for strengthening confidence through the pain to continue to move forward to 1.3 billion people in China is a stable and development of cornucopia. N When direct sales restructuring pain, some people say that it is the "severe winter" of the health industry. In fact, the health industry has extended into a "big life industry", including medicines, health foods, nutritional foods and foods. Among them, food has developed the fastest development, and health foods have developed rapidly. In the direct sales change bureau, it is the beginning of the structural adjustment of the health care industry, and it is also the inflection point of the new life. During this period, the focus of the company's operation is to practice internal skills, integrate resource elements, revitalize stocks, optimize increment, go to Wu Cunjing, take the product, take the product , The material layer of the production environment, packaging and other companies re -examine and design, the purpose is to improve the new competitiveness level. At the same time, internal management is improved, the professional and standardized construction of direct sales personnel, and the effective promotion of the professional promotion of the company in the new era Model, at the same time, reaching a higher level of brand promotion.
    The stability and development of the domestic market is still an important task of the current and future. The large market of 1.3 billion people is a cornucopia. In order to survive the "severe winter", we must strengthen the domestic "heating" level, strengthen the innovative ability of all levels of economic and technological, and do something and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. If it is currently, it will Most of the energy is on the treasure of foreign markets. I am afraid that the water is not relieved, and it may be delayed. Production and operation and health foods have a large compatibility. It should vigorously develop foods with low elasticity and low risk. The successful model of food production in the health industry is Wahaha Group, which has been sold in 20xx in only seven years. Can be used for reference.
    For more than two decades, China's Engel coefficients have continued to decline, but with the adjustment of the dietary structure, self -sufficient food consumption has decreased, and processing food and nutritional health foods have continued to rise, so so The Chinese food industry has maintained steadily, and the output value increased from 3428 and 6.6 billion yuan in 1993 to 2034.4 billion yuan in 20xx, accounting for 1 or 2%of GDP, indicating that China's food industry has a high degree of prosperity. The performance of food, beverages and sectors formed by listed companies in the industry is higher than the average level of all listed companies, showing strong anti -risk capabilities. The value accounts for 20%of GDP, which shows that China's food industry has great development space.
    The road to grow bigger and stronger-Dingtianli Earth Sustainable Development
    High-tech products
    The position in Tower Tower
    The customer group high consumer group Export
    This products with higher profits
    The portable income group in the customer group and export
    This popular product market is extremely large
    world health products market, the average annual growth of the past ten years 12%, 20xx million US dollars in global sales in the decade after 20th century, the Chinese health care products market 20xx reached 50 billion yuan, and then it was now embarrassed. Foreign -funded products are led by Anli (Nutrilite). There are 107 products often sold in China, including only 16 kinds of health foods, 21 kinds of nutritional foods, and the rest are skin care, beauty and cleaning products. It is said that the annual sales of 6 billion yuan. There are more than 100 imported health foods and lack competitiveness in China. Chinese health products have a lot of room for growth, and it is expected to reach 100 billion yuan by 20XX.
    The new era group, only ten years, annual sales exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, with outstanding results. In the health food industry, how to maintain a leading position, first of all, must have the strategic determination and actions. The key to Dingtian is high -tech, and the key to standing on the ground is the big market. It is not exactly the sales method, but the clear strategic goals, from opportunities to sustainability, complete product structure, and improve the added value of the product. Improve independent research and development capabilities, and focus on a never-stop topic-innovation, registering products with independent intellectual property rights. Change the institutional defects, dilute the background of the military industry, give full play to the superiority of the state -owned mechanism, and avoid the disease of large enterprises. Residents to avoid various risks. In 20xx, the "Harm Analysis and Key Control Points (HACCP)" will implement mandatory certification, and the current products that export to the West must pass HACCP certification and should prepare early.
    Igly, it is recommended to develop large varieties: setting up factories to produce health drinks, 20xx national beverage output of 33.8 million tons in 20xx, while health drinks are only about 1 million tons, "Red Bull" sells for more than one billion yuan in annual sales, "Jianlibao" annual sales of more than 30 years 100 million yuan, and now it is already in a shock state, the health beverage market has great potential; women's health products are eternal selling points; providing "package" for the white -collar class. The product is packed in a box of "Vegel" package); the consumption power of 140 million elderly people cannot be underestimated; other personalized products and so on.
    If the internationalization of food and health foods in the new situation
    The development foreign market is the dream subject of the industry, of which Tiansi Group has achieved success; Health Yuan (wife pharmaceutical) is only acquired in Southeast Asia; Mr. Zhao Xinxian, the group, only lost to earn a lawsuit. At present, China has "joined the WTO" on the fifth anniversary, and the new situation is beneficial to us. Only the following related materials are mentioned for reference for decision -making.
    1. Overview of Chinese food exports
    This Chinese food exports are mainly primary products. A large number of agricultural products are exported directly, and there are fewer terminal products that have been processed in deep processing. 20xx exports have the following large goods: more than 600,000 tons of apple juice, 205,240,000 tons of cans, 1.3 million tons of peanuts, 1.05 million tons of meat, 6 million tons of vegetables, 6 million tons of corn, 260,000 tons of tea, citric acid, citric acid 340,000 tons. I have been to Jinxiang County, Shandong, the hometown of garlic in China, with an annual output of 500,000 tons of garlic. Most of the direct domestic sales or exports. If it is made into a health product, it can increase the income of 50 times. Similar situations abound. However, the fate of hawthorn fruit is relatively good. Yida acquired 30,000 tons of fresh hawthorn this year, rich in Ningjin County, Hebei Province, which is rich in hawthorn. If the new era group can choose some large projects of precise processing of some agricultural products like pine pollen, develop a heavy bomb with a single variety of more than 500 million yuan an annual sales of a single variety, which can be done.
    2. The regular export varieties of Chinese health products are mainly plant extracts. The annual export of 20xx is US $ 20 or 600 million, while the terminal products are only about 40 million US dollars. Although the exports increased to US $ 2.6 billion in the first half of the 20xx year, the profit was greatly declined.
    1), plant extract export varieties: green tea, aloe, ginkgo leaves, water thistle, artemisinin, yew, grape seeds, mint, ginseng, Luohan fruit, tomato, red ali, five flavor seeds, Schisandra seeds, Schisandra, Soy isoflavones, lecithin, licorice and other extracts.
    ), as a dietary supplement export variety: microalgae, earth yellow, angelica, Pinellia, codmen, rhubarb, ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, moon see grass, forsythia, ganoderma, shiitake mushrooms, royal jelly, etc.
    3. Cases of international failure: The internationalization process of the medical care industry is relatively slow, and the export of food is relatively large. Because Western countries have strict requirements for medical insurance products, we are accustomed to calling "trade barriers". In fact, many of them are "institutional barriers". They violate others' regulations and systems. What we also talk about is in line with international standards. Since ancient times, the Chinese have paid attention to the inquiries and entry of the country, and they can do everything in the country.
    Successful cases:
    . A small company first exports products through trade exports to export lecithin on the Internet price. The effect is still satisfied. Although the company is small, it is ambitious. Branch or joint venture companies with foreign companies to understand business and obtain information in order to facilitate and quickly enter the local market. Then set the production and sales base in multiple countries to achieve multi -nationalization of the company and eventually achieve globalization.
    . Exit: If you use Vietnamese exports to ASEAN countries, and setting up factories in Mexico, using the North American Trade Agreement to sell products in the United States, Canada, and Mohs. The decline in manufacturing costs and transportation costs can also break through trade barriers.
    The teacher of the new era of speech 2, dear classmates:
    Hello everyone!
    The annual wheel of trees walked around, and unknowingly, we walked into a brand new era.
    The twenty -first century in the 21st century of technology and technology, mobile phones, computers, are almost dazzling. People also began to enjoy the convenience and fast brought by this mechanical. Walking through a community gently, he heard people's laughter. The child quietly fell asleep in the quiet cradle of the computer, and the sun shone on his tender face, as if a golden flower bloomed. Under the sun, a green umbrella was opened under the big tree. The old people raised a lounge chair and listened to the gentle and long national cavity in the radio. Why not leisurely? Looking at the supermarket again, a child who was lost, with a disturbing heart, looked for loved ones in the crowds of people. At this time, a girl found the child's anxiety and anxiety, so he pulled out his mobile phone. With the help of the girl, the child quickly found the mother. Looking at their mother and son's happy smile, from these cold machinery, they found the deep and strong mutual help from their hearts.
    The high -rise buildings rose up. We had to focus on those construction workers who worked hard and worked hard to build these Optimum Well. In the weather of the steamer, under the sun exposure, and under the invasion of wind and rain, they suffered suffering, stirred a bag of mud with a bag of mud, and manipulated each brick to manipulate. In those weather, they still work huge danger to work, and use their hard work to earn their own hard -earned money. When they cast this building every night, some people sat at the desk and dedicated them hard in another way. They kept working, sitting on a comfortable chair, blowing cool air conditioners, but sitting for a long time, adding heavy work to make them have various occupational diseases, but they have always insisted on insisting on In the selfless dedication of this society, it creates value. Whether it is a worker or a white -collar worker, each of them has only a little bit of them, but many of these "little", but like a thin silk thread, these silk threads are intertwined, the exchange is merged together, weaved into it, and weaves into it into woven to form into it. A gorgeous silk.
    It from the footsteps of this new era, I heard a harmony, a beautiful new era is quietly born. Let us use our sincerity to build this new era.
    The new era speech draft 3 We bend down silently and fill the mud pits with stones; we closed the lights on the corridor silently; … Maybe some people will say, "Isn't it just wanting to go out and get the praise?" It is true that we like to show ourselves and long for being praised by others, but the most true hope in our hearts is to bring happiness to others Essence
    This is the new era teenager who is aspiring and active. In fact, we have our own new ideas.
    It Liang Qichao said in "Juvenile China": "The young man is prosperous, and the young man is strong. The young man is strong than Europe. The country is better than Europe. Success, but real success is far from us. We have to stick to the small classroom in order to take the exam. Explaimable practice can only be "talked about soldiers on paper." We also have infinite longing and yearn for the colorful time outside the classroom. We don't want to be a math genius who can know the correct answer to the correct answer, and we don't want to be a master of English testing the correct answer to the correct answer.
    we need more attention to society, so that we can thrive in an environment suitable for ourselves.
    The boy in the new era. Some people say that we have personality and thoughts; some `people say that we are" collapsed generations. " We are us, take our own way, and let others say it! However, please believe:
    We -teenagers in the new era will definitely create a wonderful tomorrow!
    The leaders and friends of the New Era Speech 4 respect:
    Hello everyone!
    The friends, when we bathed at the gentle spring breeze and welcomed the 104th anniversary of the "March 8th" International Women's Day, we gathered together to celebrate this beautiful moment. My name, from, the topic of my speech today is "New Era and New Women's New Style".
    "New Era and New Women's New Style", how great and sacred 9 words are this. So, what should we use to interpret it?
    This understanding is eight words: love job dedication, hard work.
    This will not let the eyebrows. The dedication and hard work of the job are not only the glory in the rain of guns, but not just the high boom in the emergency and crisis, it should also be a silent struggle, a noble concept, and a strong spiritual power. There is a good advertisement: how far we are, how far we can go. When our company's female employees are dedicated to their posts and hard work as a state of pursuit of life, we will take less care, more dedication, less complaints, more responsibilities, less laziness, more laziness, more laziness, more laziness, more laziness, more laziness. Some of the ups and downs; with this realm, we can establish a sense of glory and mission of work, and will focus on work, meticulously treat work, and do a good job of essential work, and do a good job in the company's second entrepreneurship. Our positive contribution!
    I friends, in today's society, women have become the masters of society. "Men and women equality" is no longer a slogan. When our company entered a new century in the new century, everywhere in our company, our female employees were busy. Our company also has many excellent female project managers, which is the representative. Like gay men, they shoulders important projects, such as the current dual -current airport projects are responsible for them. Yes, there is a spirit, which seems to be ordinary and small, but it can achieve extraordinary performance; there is a spirit, seemingly proud, but it represents the humanistic spirit of the most practical book. That is: the spirit of our company's female employees for the company's second entrepreneurship and forgiving selfless dedication. And we have this spirit, and we are undoubtedly the most beautiful and charming women in the world.
    "The long road is dedicated to the distance and the river is dedicated to the ocean." And all our company's female employees are determined to dedicate themselves to the company's second entrepreneurial. When a new period is facing new tasks, there are two options in front of us: First, to improve ourselves, work hard, strengthen self -improvement, and accept challenges; The latter is by no means what our modern women want to choose. Many companies have set an example for us.
    is gold, always glowing. The development of the times and the progress of society have given us a new mission. The tasks we face are more difficult and glorious. Let us give full play to the role of "half of the sky", inspiring the spirit, pioneering enterprising, continuously open up a new situation, and strive to create new performance.
    The friends, show your sincerity, persistence and self -confidence, let us work together in the ordinary, grow in adversity, let us act, and create a better tomorrow for the company to make the roses more glorious Dazzling! Intersection For the company's second entrepreneurial business, strive for the first -class contribution of our power!
    Thank you everyone!
    The new era speech 5 everyone! I am Wang XX and I am Wu XX in Class 4 (4). Listening to his mother said: Uncle Lei Feng became an orphan when he was very young. Listening to the teacher: Uncle Lei Feng is diligent and diligent in his life, ordinary and great. The young pioneers of the new era should learn from Uncle Lei Feng. Today, the topic of our speech is "Learning to Uncle Lei Feng".
    As a young pioneer, what do we need to do? In fact, it is very simple. It is to "start from self, start with small things", and carry forward Lei Feng's spirit of "studying hard, seeking truth and pragmatism".
    I uncle Lei Feng always do a work and loves a party, and hurry up everything that can be used hard to study hard, so as to practice a strong skill. As a young pioneer, if we want to achieve the success of study and work, we must work hard like Uncle Lei Feng.
    I uncle Lei Feng said: "The role of a person is a screw on a machine for the revolutionary cause. Where is the twist?" The virtue of learning!
    I uncle Lei Feng is usually diligent and frugal, but supports the people in the disaster area without hesitation. Lei Feng is also a "humble person". When he sees difficulties, he does not leave his name for a lifetime.
    The love, which constitutes the code of conduct of Lei Feng for people; patriotism has paved the spiritual foundation of Lei Feng's selfless dedication. Classmates, for decades, Lei Feng's noble faith, ideals, and morality have been inherited among the Chinese generations. Lei Feng, the name flashed with infinite glory.
    The word Lei Feng has become synonymous with helping others and treating others in the minds. We should keep Lei Feng's spiritual inheritance and make the entire motherland more civilized and harmonious. As a young pioneer in the new era, we should learn from Uncle Lei Feng.
    Picking up a piece of paper on the ground, you are a clean environment for environmental protection;
    In helping students who are in trouble around you, you are a good friend with love;
    cherish every minute every minute , Diligent learning, you are a small pacesetter who loves to learn;
    Is to see the teacher and parents ask well, you are a good child who knows polite ...
    classmates! Let's join hands, care for others, study hard, start with little things, promote the beautiful virtues of the Chinese nation, be the "little Lei Feng" in the new era, and be a good Chinese boy!
    The new era speech 6 everyone. My name is_ _. I am a cheerful and kind and sensible student, and the moral, intellectual, physical, and labor -intensive development has developed in an all -round way.
    In learning, I have a serious attitude and pay attention to learning methods. Take the initiative to preview before class, listen carefully to the class, and speak positively. After class, I went home to complete the work arranged by the teacher in time. Sometimes the children downstairs told me to play for a while. I said, "No, I can't finish my homework. I don't feel comfortable to do anything." I have never been proud of my achievements. As the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountain, and there are buildings outside the building. I still have to work hard
    , as the monitor, I have strict requirements for myself, care for collectives, unite my classmates, and help others. I took the custody time to patiently guide Jiang Zhenyu and other students. I take class affairs as my own affairs, such as checking the discipline and hygiene of my classmates every day. I always complete the task of the teacher's arrangement in an orderly manner and become a powerful assistant for the teacher.
    In at home, I am a lively and polite daughter. I often help my mother cook for cleaning and help Dad do what they can do to make them worry. Neighbors boast that I am a sensible child. I am also a model for environmental protection and energy conservation. Whenever someone forgets to turn off the lights, I will turn off immediately, and the person in charge of "education" "don't waste the precious resources of the earth."
    I also like playing piano and singing. I will play a lot of nice songs, such as "My Sun" and "Kangding Love Song". I sang a female treble in the Children's Palace Choir, and I am a good student that teachers like.
    The was named the "Outstanding Young Pioneer" this time. I feel happy and stressful. The result only represents the past. I want to fly to a higher and wider place.
    The new era speech draft 7 Tong everyone:

    Hello everyone!
    has many things in the world. When it is given to others, it is often less and less, but there are more things. You may be surprised to ask: "What is that?" I will answer you without hesitation: "That's love!" Love, not for asking, not equivalent exchange, but paying, giving, self -sacrifice.
    "Whoever loves children, children love him, only those who love children can he educate the child." Teachers apply self -wide love to warm every student. Only when teachers love students and respect students can teachers carefully cultivate students. Only with deep love can we educate students more seriously, more patiently, and more carefully. "Love" comes from noble teacher ethics, and "love" means selfless dedication. I think the love of teachers for students is not from personal grudges, but from the needs of society and education. This kind of love is stable and deep, and is closely linked to the social responsibilities of the teachers.
    When I stood in front of the children for the first time, everything made me fresh and curious. Looking at this face and touching that head, it was like a small face with a small face, thirsty for sunlight. Every morning, "Teacher, you are early." The childish greeting brought me a happy and vitality for a day; every evening with a loud "teacher, goodbye." Leave me the light of tomorrow. The children's pure heart, holy feelings, and profound meaning have purified my soul, aroused my deep love for education, and I truly realized all the happiness and happiness of a teacher. That classroom was released by expectations, and the nest was self. The blackboard wrote the truth and the utilitarian was wiped away; the chalk drew a rainbow, the shed was tears, and the dedication was self.
    The as a people's teacher, I deeply understand that the love of teachers for students cannot be limited to individual objects, but for all students. The teacher shoulder is the educational mission of a generation, not the educational task of individual people. This kind of responsibility and love can surpass everything and gather into an unstoppable force. I use my love to influence students who are difficult to learn. Of course, teachers' love for students is not in principle, but always combines strict requirements for students. There must be strictness in love, love in strictness, love but not pet, strict and unique, strict and compassion, treating each student equally, and respecting students' personality.
    The Tang Dynasty Han Yu wrote an article for our teacher before, which wrote: "Master, so preach, teaching, and confusion." ", That is, the principle of professor is the truth, the second is knowledge skills. Is it possible to educate students to take more thoughts to let students recite daily behavior specifications? no. Confucius, an ancient educator in my country, once said, "The body is right, does not allow it, and the body is not right, although it is not up" as a teacher. Talk about the style. Teachers' words and deeds play a subtle role in students. The quality of teachers directly affects the student's style and the school's school style. The image of the teacher is directly related to the cultivation of students' quality. "Learning high is a teacher, and he is just a fan." He uses his own role models and personality charm to make students admire and imitate it. "Tao Li is not talking, and he is self -contained." Believe that qualified teachers can shape qualified students.
    The years are in a hurry. I have worked in a teacher's post for a year. After these 300 days and nights, I also experienced a lot of sweetness and bitterness. But it ’s good to say: for everything for children, for all children. And the achievement of this purpose, I still need to work hard.
    The big Indian poet Tagor said: "The career of the flower is sweet, and the cause of the fruit is precious. Let me have a career of the leaves, because Ye always humbly hangs her green shade."
    let us care for innocence with love; bred growth with wisdom; open the soul with sincerity; use hopes to fly the ideal, I will use my hands to work silently with everyone to support the sun tomorrow!
    The new era speech 8 we have a great ambition. Everyone present was originally capable and conditioned in the classrooms of various universities to feel a higher level of learning life, but you chose to re -read again. Because you have a great ambition in your heart, you are uneasy about the aspirations of the bird, because it is a dragon to travel to the abyss, and Dapeng will show his wings to Tianyu. When your great ambitions have not reached for the time being, you choose to persist bravely.
    It you have the courage of Superman. Because the larger the goal, the more magnificent the ideals, the more difficult the road is. Without the extraordinary courage, you will not choose the difficult and difficult. Although the greenhouse is comfortable and comfortable, after all, the buds that are cultivated are weak. If you want to be the tallest person in the world, you must bravely overcome countless difficulties and dangers to climb the hard and dangerous Mount Everest.
    It you have extraordinary perseverance. Choosing to repeat, it means that the choice of hardship and courage allows you to make extraordinary choices, and perseverance allows you to persist to the end. It is not your portrayal halfway and escape from halfway. You will always flashes Xu Sandu's "not abandoning, not giving up" the light of the thoughts, bite your teeth, straighten your spine, and work hard.
    It you have noble morals. You are mature, you know how to abide by discipline and keep the rules, because you know strict discipline, strict rules are the fundamental guarantee of good order, and good order is the best environment for your healthy growth. You are mature, you know to care for others, unite and help. You know that everyone in this world cannot exist in isolation. Support each other and encourage each other to go further and farther. You are mature, and you know more about respecting the teacher. You know that the teacher is like a beacon in the dark, a crutch on the way to climb, bringing you infinite hope and infinite power. You are mature, and you know how to be grateful to Dade. You are grateful to your parents to give life, support you to grow, and cultivate your adults; you grateful for the school to provide you with rare opportunities, create good conditions, and ensure adequate supply; you are also grateful to the motherland to give you a peaceful environment and harmoniously give you a peaceful environment, harmoniously give you a harmonious environment, harmoniously give you a harmonious environment, harmoniously give you a harmonious environment. Society, comfortable life. You really have grown up!
    The children, in the short period of time after school, you have left us too deeply: "Big ambition, extraordinary courage, and noble morality" are concentrated in you On your body, you are deserved to call you the "youth of the times".
    The students, work hard, "The sun is always after the wind and rain!" You will definitely succeed.

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