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  1. Furniture sales
    The detail of the techniques of furniture sales, such as the skills of conversation, the following are the sales of furniture for everyone for your reference, welcome to browse!
    n 1 1 1 1 1 1 Customer: What brand are you
    The shopping guide: China's top ten (famous) furniture brands, xxxx furniture, do you must know?
    (ordinary sales guides will directly answer: xxxx furniture)
    . Customer: Where is it?
    Ter guide: XXXX Furniture Production Co., Ltd., one of the largest domestic furniture production companies, is in XX, XX Province.
    (Ordinary shopping guides will directly answer: XX City XX City)
    3. Customer: Is your product environmental protection?
    Ter guide: This is a product produced by China's top furniture enterprises. It is absolutely environmentally friendly Please see the latest certificates here
    (ordinary shopping guides replied: environmentally friendly)
    4. Customer, how about your after -sales service?
    In the forefront of the country, not only our products are excellent, but also because of our outstanding future service
    (ordinary shopping guides will answer: after -sales service you can rest assured, no problem) Such expensive
    The shopping guide can only sell the most expensive price with the best quality. Do you say it? Because it is expensive, it is very cheap, because it is very cheap, because it is better to buy a set of products. In fact, like you, I hope to learn the best quality things at the lowest price, but I have never found that a company provides the highest quality new products and services at the lowest price, as if Mercedes -Benz cars can’t sell What do you say when you go to Santana? If you spend less money to buy bad quality products, but eventually invest more, what do you think?
    (ordinary shopping guides will answer: this price is cheap)
    6. Customer: Is this set of furniture suitable for me?
    This: People like you with taste, only our first -class big brand is suitable for you. You see, now the whole country is all over the country. Now the whole country is the whole country. Many successful people like you have chosen us, and according to our after -sales survey, 99%of customers are very satisfied, so I believe you will be satisfied with this true good brand, right? ? R n (Ordinary shopping guide: absolutely appropriate)


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