How can I open a clothing store to attract customers into the store?

I just opened the store, and I always have no customers to come to the door. I want to know those that can attract customers

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  1. Customers are the main source of life of each store. Without customers, the store will not be able to drive. What method is used to attract customers to come to the door? What methods do you use to retain those customers? There are some ways.
    The location
    This is also very important. If the shop you choose is a place with very small traffic, even if all people go to you, you can't make money. Therefore, the location must be selected. My small shop is at the door of a community, opposite to a primary and secondary school. Even if I play a computer every day, customers are okay, because there are many people, so many people pass by, as long as a small number of people stop stopping You can also keep it down.
    The business, no matter what kind of business you do, you must treat others sincerely. Do not get fakes, do not deceive children and the elderly. No matter how people are doing business, I support people. Some elderly people gave me a hundred yuan, leaving without looking for money, but I would chase her back and not give her. The children would not settle the account. We never collect a penny. So old people are willing to come to my house to buy. So we have been there for ten years, and there are still many people.
    wants to retain old customers and attract new customers, you must persist in opening the store every day. If you have been there for a long time, you can help everyone, so if you persist, there will be a lot of passing, ten passes, and a lot of people.
    The goods
    The goods are the most important point for businessmen. Customers come to your shop, there is no one or no. Think about it once, he will come to the second second, he will come to the second second time Is it time, so you must prepare the goods. Do not settle in the goods sold in your shop. Even if a variety is not done, find a variety to replace it. Remember the buttons of the button, he is full of goods. He can make a variety of varieties around the world, so a small buttons can make earning a rich man.
    In innovation
    It also often has innovation. The shop is long for a long time, re -decorated, the products sold, follow the trend, do not always sell those outdated products. Sometimes even if it is changed, it will make people refreshing and attract customers' attention.
    smiling to make customers feel kind at a glance, always face a face, who wants to leave your footsteps, a row of shops, if you do not have a small way, it will be eliminated of. Our row of shops, we changed countless homes, and looked at them with a toss.

    don't think that the migrant workers are ignored. They are the big boss and entertain enthusiastically. There are often some migrant workers drinking beer at the door of the store. Later, more and more, put them on two tables to facilitate them, and slowly became accustomed to drinking beer. Song, feel their happiness, may not be a local tyrant.

  2. Hello, you can find it from your words that you have a little bit of anxiety. Today, the market competition is so fierce. It is difficult for the previous businessmen to attract customers. First of all, you have to understand that your consumer group is What are your attitudes? Is your attitude enthusiastic and generous? Is your after -sales sales that make customers satisfied? The most important thing is that no matter what you feel about today, don't vent your emotions to customers. When you come and do it well, your task is to wait for the old customers to come again, and the business will be better! I hope my experience can help you! Hehe, I hope your business will get better!

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