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  1. Gas heating wall -hung boiler Top Ten famous brands:
    : Weineng Vaillant
    Oone is one of the largest international heating groups in Europe. It is the top brand of the European heating industry. Having a high position is the leader in the global heating industry.
    : Squirre
    Masculator company, as a famous Guangdong trademark, not only has unique experience in the development and design of the product, but also has rich experience. Risk ability.
    : Wanhe Vanward
    Wan Wa He is a well -known trademark in China, a national key high -tech enterprise. The company is located in Guangdong. And it can also be in close contact with the international market, which is the forefront of the domestic market into the international market.
    But corresponding to it, the competition and brand competition in Guangdong are also fierce, and Wan He can win from it, and has shown its distinctiveness.
    : Bosch
    The Bosch brand was founded in Germany in 1886. It can be regarded as a historic brand. Over the years of development, Bosch has a huge enterprise scale and sales network. It has become one of the largest gas boiler suppliers in Europe. It is a major overlord in the industry. It not only has strong market competitiveness, but it has occupied a lot of market share.
    : Baxi BAXI
    is the influential brand of the wall -hung boiler industry. The establishment time is early, the enterprise size is large, the development speed is fast, and Bazhi has already formed the research and development, design, production and sales of products for products. In the integration of business models, annual output and sales have been at the forefront of the industry for many years.
    : Ariston
    Ariston is a multinational company. It is the world's leading company that specializes in heating and hot water products. Ariston was first founded in Italy in 1930. After that, it moves around the world. Satoning the global market, only in China, Ariston has occupied a large share.
    Seven: Beretta
    Belorita is the main supplier in China's heating field and one of Italy's largest heating equipment manufacturer. It is a leading, whether it is the speed of product research and development, or the annual output of the product, Beareta can make small and medium -sized enterprises reach it.
    : Wanjiale
    Wanjiale is a national high -tech enterprise, a brand -name brand in Guangdong Province, belongs to Guangdong Wanjiale Co., Ltd.; compared to other exotic brands, Wanjiale is a native Amazing, a dark horse in the industry.
    . Although corporate heritage is not as good as other foreign brands, its products can still compete in market competition. It is not easy to be evenly matched with foreign brands. It is taken for granted. With the guarantee of product quality, any brand can fly into the sky.
    : Immerqas
    Ima is still born in Italy. In 1964, Emma was founded. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous changes in consumer requirements, Emma has in product production and enterprise management in terms of product production and enterprise management It has also made corresponding adjustments. Efficient innovation capabilities have made Yima show strong vitality. Now Emma has become the world's most advanced industry manufacturer.
    : Guosen
    Guomori is the top 500 Chinese enterprise. It belongs to Chunfeng Industrial Group. It is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the gas heating water furnace industry. The Chunfeng Industrial Group has decades The history of heating development is not only very mature, but also the sales network is also widely distributed in all the heating areas of the country. It has become the leader in the domestic heating industry.

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