I have entered two business groups in Zhengzhou Foxconn, the first is IDPBG, and the second is SHZBG. I would like

Which business group will the factory share?

2 thoughts on “I have entered two business groups in Zhengzhou Foxconn, the first is IDPBG, and the second is SHZBG. I would like”

  1. I entered Foxconn in 2008 and left Foxconn for various reasons in August 10. It should be imagined that Foxconn should be ridiculed by the classmates around, remember that the frog at the bottom of the well can only see the big sky of the sieve.
    1. You have entered Foxconn, which means that you have entered the manufacturing industry. What do you do? After you enter Foxconn, you will not be divided after training. It may be IE, production management, and so on. With the work experience in Foxconn, at least all companies in China's manufacturing industry can enter.
    2.shzbg should be made of molds. The benefits are good in the top ten business groups. Entering the manufacturing industry, the experience on the production line is very valuable. Remember, after graduating, you are no longer college students.
    3.shzbg main factory area should be in Guanlan. Foxconn has a strict process. Of course, human resources are also large enough. You can play as much as possible. Of course, all large companies are the same, and it is important to queue up. As long as there is no big problem with the boss directly, it is okay to upgrade and one year. That is to say, your development and income are very big with your boss Relationship, um, 60%. There must be no school for food. There are 4 undergraduates, with air conditioners, two health, and hot water. Just entering Foxconn, you will feel about the same as in universities. The difference between central training and business clusters is not much more than two months old. It is a pleasant time, and you can know it after experiencing. Those who enter the employment before 7.15 days will have year -end performance. At the end of the year, the boss is scored by the boss. Generally, the salary of 4 months will be rewarded. Many of them will get 7 or 8 months of salary. , Dragon Boat Festival once.
    5. Jumping off the building, have you ever heard of the pressure because of the pressure, right? There are many reasons for jumping off the building. The root cause is in Chinese society, so I won't talk about it here. I am currently a so -called well -known company in China. I only know that there is pustules. It is estimated that something else is almost the same, and kung fu is spent on the packaging. If Foxconn is under pressure, then other domestic companies are under pressure to work.
    6. The military training you said is a content of training, but it is actually expanding training.
    This above are all personal suggestions. Everything needs to be struggling by yourself, do well, and don't always think about changing jobs. Foxconn is actually pretty good. At that time, we looked at the public opinion like you at the time, thinking that elsewhere were good, and thought about hopping. After waiting, many people regretted it. By the way, there are also overtime. Foxconn strictly pays overtime fees in accordance with the labor law, and you can get overtime fees in each hour. Of course, you must first have an overtime application approved by the boss. Overtime is 40 hours per week. If overtime is more overtime, overtime pay is almost the same as salary. Generally, I overtime is 40 hours per month. It is no problem to work overtime for 2 days. After entering the department, I will be tired, and it will be much more familiar to the business.

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