4 thoughts on “Where is the Qixiu Cat and Dog Battle?”

  1. When you go to the blue side of the middle of the middle, you can see the Fools' Fool's Flush Maofz Skin. Click to unlock the eggs of cats and dogs.

  2. Next, the cats and dogs introduced by the master game to everyone are the birdman assistant, and the birdman assistant is a virtual mobile phone system that has a well -known popularity in the mobile game industry in the near future. It can run multiple sets of Android systems on a Android device, one device and two systems online, and continue to hang up.

  3. The position of this egg is located at the tower of the blue square middle road. This egg only needs to click on the little mermaid next to the middle of the middle to complete the egg search

  4. It is to put the cat and dog together, let the cats and dogs fight PK to grab resources, and grab the resources to make their pets stronger. Players of Qixiu live broadcast can get fun in cats and dog games, and at the same time their levels will grow

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