3 thoughts on “What kind of cats are the most docile? cutest?”

  1. If you want to say that the most docile and lovely varieties I know are the only puppets who know in depth.
    It puppets can be said to be particularly docile and cute.
    It the puppet cat breeding environment and diet of regular cat houses will make the puppet look like a fairy cat, and the personality is super gentle! Those who have raised should know! Not much to say!
    In the unbelief, immediately raise it!

  2. The Persian cat is gentle, sensitive, understanding, less quiet, noble and gorgeous. Listening to the sound of sound, strong ability to adapt to the environment. But hate people and like to sleep alone on the floor. A proud cat often makes the owner feel that he does not raise it by himself, but the dear Persian cat raised a master ...
    No matter what kind of breed raised varieties are raised. Cats, owners need love.

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