5 thoughts on “Does the cat eat grass? I often see cats eating grass. Why?”

  1. Cats eat cat grass and said that hairy balls have accumulated in the body, and they want to promote their vomiting hair through cat grass. Therefore, the owner needs to pay attention to the phenomenon of the cat's hair ball. In addition to cat grass Come and talk.
    1. Sworing hair
    This The reason why cats appear on the habit of licking hair, so the owner must prepare a suitable comb in daily life to prepare a suitable comb and comb the hair to comb its hair. After combing some waste hair, the hair of the cat's belly will be relatively reduced.
    2. Feeding cat grass
    When cats have hair balls, they will spit out the hair ball by vomiting, but often the effect is relatively small, and the cat is very uncomfortable. Therefore, the owner can give the cat to the cat Prepare some cat grass to stimulate the cat's intestine for vomiting, which is helpful for the rowing hair.
    3, feeding meal cream
    It cats with severe hair balls, the power of cat grass is still weak, the owner can feed cat grass while giving the cat properly eating some meow fun balls such as meow fun balls appropriately The fur paste is used to make the hair, and the length of 3 ~ 5 is squeezed out at each time, which can soften the hair ball and discharge through the bowel movement.

  2. Cats can eat grass, but that's not because of likes. Cats are uncomfortable with their stomachs. Generally, the food that is eaten is too greasy or licking hair for a long time, causing the hair to form a hair ball in the stomach to discharge, and the cat will eat some grass of the grass. The uncomfortable things in the stomach are discharged. It is not only cat mint cats. Some roads of grass cats occasionally use "rescue urgency".

  3. Cats can eat grass.
    Is when the cat licked the hair and licked the hair on the belly, it would not digest, but accumulated in the digestive tract. Therefore The hair ball vomits.

  4. Eating, one is because the cat licks the hair and eats the hair into the stomach, and it is convenient to spit out the hair ball. normal phenomenon.
    , there is a kind of grass called cat mint. Cats will be excited when they eat it. They are nicknamed cat drugs.

  5. This is normal, my cats also like grass. It is because the stomach is not good. In fact, eating grass is good for the cat's body, which is helpful for gastrointestinal digestion, but it depends on what grass

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