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  1. Small dogs are very suitable for girls.
    Dogs should be the first choice for many people because it is the most common and cute. Dogs are good friends who complain about British. They are gentle and loyal, especially when girls alone, raising a dog to accompany themselves can also bring a sense of security. And as long as the dog is good at childhood, there is no need to worry about the health problems of the dog. The average cost of raising puppies is not very high. Girls are still suitable for girls.

  2. Small dogs, such as the tea cup dog, Chihua Doll, and so on. Dogs are the best friends of human beings, but the dogs need a dog to accompany them a little more time.
    Pet cats, cats are high -cold animals, and they love cleanly, not as sticky as dogs.

    Pet rabbits, usually what we call rabbits refers to Chinese white rabbits. There are many varieties of rabbits. According to the statistics of the American Rabbit Breeding Association, there are about 45 purebred rabbit varieties in the world. After subdivision, it can be divided into three categories, which is edible rabbits, hairy rabbits and pet rabbits. It is also very easy to keep in keeping food and water. You must clean up in time, and pay attention to preventing heat and cold to prevent disease transmission.

    In more and more people like to raise some special small animals, small hedgehogs are one of them. As long as you master the breeding method, you can also raise a healthy and cute little hedgehog.

    The habit: 剌, joy and static, hilariousness. The actions are slow, usually day and night, and the amount of food is small.
    The benefits of raising turtles are great. First of all, turtles are not easy to get along with people like cats and dogs, so that they can more exercise the patience and love of the breeders; second, the turtles are better to raise, most of the turtles are patient. Hunger and thirst, even if the family travels for a few months, do not have to worry about the turtles starved to death; third, the turtle has a docile temperament, and it is suitable for all ages and strata.

    The French bullfighting dog breeding is not difficult, it is difficult to be in the mentality and responsibility of the breeder. There is only the owner in the dog's life. If you can't get the care of the owner carefully, it will inevitably grow healthy. To raise a good dog, parents must spend some thoughts and time, and invest more energy to make the Fa Dou dog live better.

  3. It is mainly to look at the energy of girls. If you are a student, you have to look at parents or schools to let them be raised. For office workers, such as dogs, you need to walk every day, whether there is time. If you do, you do n’t need to walk. The cat sand pot is fine. If you want to walk out like a dog, the possibility is relatively small. The little pet is hamsters, guinea pigs, little hippos, honey bags, squirrels, etc. There are shrimps, turtles, crabs, and specialty water grass.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. If cats are not very good, they do n’t like to go out, they do n’t like to go out, introverted personality, and friends who are quiet, then you can choose to raise a cat. Cats are also more common pets in our lives, and they are independent of nature. They do not need too much companionship and bending. It is also convenient to take care of life. The most commonly raised cats include puppet cats, Scottish fold -ear cats, Persian cats, Mumbai cats (details introduction), British short hair cats, American short -haired cats, Siamese cats, raccoon cats, etc. Xiaobian recommends British short -haired cats, American short hair cats, raccoon cats.鼠2. Hamsters and hamsters are also hot pets at the moment. It is very cheap and easy to raise. The appearance is really cute. It looks very cute to eat. You can spare your heart. As long as you give it a cage, it can live in it. When you are bored, you can also take it out to tease. You do n’t need to worry about its hygiene. It is very clean and very suitable for girls to raise.平3. If the dog usually has sufficient time and regular life, he also likes to go out to go out and bring pets with other friends, then you can raise a dog. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings and the most raised pets in the world. Common golden retrievers, poodles (Teddy), Satsuma, mini Sherry (details), Wales Corki dog, etc. For the first time of breeding, it is recommended to choose a dog breed that is easy to take care of and smaller. VIPs, mini Sherry, Wales Corgi dogs are more recommended.是4. Goldfish and goldfish are animals that many girls like very much. They are not only very beautiful, but also very good. As long as they are put in the fish tank, you don’t need to control it. Traffic water regularly. I don't have to worry about they will be sick, and it is very cheap. The key is that it is particularly beautiful at home, which can be used for decorations. When a person is at home, he can still feel a accompanying.nIs it suitable for living alone to raise Huski?nAnswer, if you have time to raise it, but Erha can make trouble, you can tossn1 morenBleak

  5. Conventional pets, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, My Neighbor Totoro, etc., girls can raise them. In fact, nourishing pets has nothing to do with gender, which is related to the preferences of pets.

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