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  1. 1. Meow
    The sounds of the kitten when they were left alone by their mothers and siblings, expressing loneliness and helplessness. Cheng Cat made a meow saying that he was uncomfortable, but they rarely used this sound.
    In the relationship with humans, the most common sound made by cats when the sound of cats. According to different scenes, cats will also change this call to express their emotions and communicate with humans.
    2, snoring
    The sounds made when the cat feels comfortable, and also expressed reconciliation.
    3, screaming
    has a high tone, the sound is very loud, usually more compact and rapid. When cats see the prey that cannot be caught, this sound will be made, such as seeing it in the room across the glass window to see Birds flying outside.
    4, gurgling
    is low, with threatening sounds to warn and intimidate.
    5, roar
    Thesing sound, which is issued by the quickly exhaled airflow to warn and threatened.
    6. Scream
    This is a clear, high -pitched, and sharp call from the cat when the cat was forced into death by the opponent. Scream.
    Extension information:
    "The body language of the cat" is to express his mood and desire with the cat's ears, tails, hair, mouth, and body. If the cat is tired of the feet and next to the person, it is a manifestation of the intimate manner with your head.
    Is if the cat is stunned from your mouth to you, it means that it wants to occupy you. If the cat's gurgling sound is made in the cat's throat, it indicates that it is in a good mood. If the cat is bent in the front foot like a duck, it means its peace and dependence. Cats expressed their trust in their mouths in front of humans.
    The cats are animals that like to act alone. Unlike dogs, they follow the owner's order and collective action. Therefore, it does not consider the owner as a monarch, but his life is from. Sometimes, how you call it, it should not hear it.
    This and owners are not the main relationship. It is better to treat them as an equal friend. It is also this relationship that looks unique.
    On the other hand, the cat regards the owner as a parent, and loves coquettishness like a child. It feels that when lonely, it will climb the owner's knee, or jump to the spreading newspaper and sit on the newspaper.

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