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  1. Hello
    not all mice have plague. People do n’t have crazy cow disease after eating beef without disease. Only when people carry germs, they will get sick. The same is true of cats. Mouse who eat plague will also get plague.

    In let's talk about why cats eat mice.

    This to maintain the normal operation of the body must need a substance called taurine. Lack of this substance, the cat will have poor night vision ability, decreased immunity, decreased fertility, heart heart, heart heart, heart There are many diseases such as diseases and vision disorders.

    . Although taurine is so important for cat growth and development, the cat itself cannot synthesize this substance, or it can only synthesize a small amount, which cannot meet their physical needs. Therefore, for the instinct of physiology and survival, cats need to obtain this substance from other channels.

    Where are this substance? There is a mouse body! Therefore, cats have to prey for mice. One is to fill hunger, and more importantly, it is necessary to consume taurine to maintain the normal operation of its own functions.

    mades to talk about plague.

    The disease is a disease that is popular in wild -toothed animals. As an important source of infection, humans are mainly through the mouse flea as the medium, and the skin can be transmitted into the gland plague through the skin. The clinical manifestation is fever, severe poisonous blood symptoms, lymph nodes, pneumonia, and bleeding tendencies. All can be developed into sepsis with strong infectious and high mortality rates. It is one of the most severe severe infectious diseases that endanger humanity. It is international quarantine infectious diseases. It is listed as the head of Class A infectious disease in my country.

    is not a rat's plague, it is just pathogen. If the cat eats a rats with an plague, it will still get the plague

  2. Plague is a intense infectious disease that is mainly spread by plagorus. At the same time, it is also a typical natural epidemic disease and human beast with sexual diseases.

    The main host and main infection of the plague are rodents, and cats are carnivores. Cats catch mice as mice (rodents). Therefore, cat infecting the plague is greater. However, animals such as family dogs, cats and pigs are low -sensitive and high -resistant to plague, highly resistant, and most of them can heal naturally after infection, and retain the plague specific antibodies (F1 antibodies) in the body for a long time.

    So cats usually do not get plague when they eat mice.

  3. If a cat eats mice, it generally does not have such a situation, because generally speaking, the mouse made by cats will not eat, and it is generally played.

  4. Cats do not get plague, the main reason is because of the cat's body. Having a powerful antibody, another cat's stomach acid. It is also very powerful and can be fully disinfected and sterilized, so the cat does not have plague, and there is no way to infect cats.

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