How to take a bath for cats

How to take a bath for cats who are afraid of water, what should I pay attention to?

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  1. When taking a bath for a cat, you must pay special attention to the state of the kitten.
    The more appropriate method is to hold one hand in the kitten's chest, and the other hand is cleaned. In this way, the kitten is easy to have a sense of trust. The phenomenon, if I cat, the more I am afraid of being drowned by myself.
    In addition, before bathing, the kitten body needs to be loser, so that the cat's hair can be avoided and knotted.
    The temperature of water regulating water, control the temperature at 37 ~ 38 degrees Celsius, is also the temperature that we feel hot with our hands.
    This from the feet to clean, allowing the kitten to gradually adapt to the temperature until it adapts to the environment after the environment, the head, neck, back, abdomen, and limbs are carried out in order. In addition, pay special attention not to let the water irrigate into the cat's eyes and ears. You can also try some cotton wool in the cat's ear, wash it out after washing!
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  2. The cat bath

    The cats are more afraid of water. If the cat is sent to the pet shop to take a bath, in addition to the owner's injury to the pocket, if the cat is afraid of raw, it may be anesthetized by the store first, and then the store will be anesthetized. bath. Based on security reasons, this article analyzes the cat's bath in detail.
    1. The first step:
    Is to take a bath for cats, it is recommended to prepare a pot of warm water about 40 degrees with a baby bathtub. Card the cat.
    2. Step 2:
    Make the cat into the water slowly, while stroking the cat's back, while holding the water on the cat with his hands. At this time, be careful not to make the water wet the cat's head and face, otherwise it will cause cats.
    3. Step 3:
    In the cat's hair of the cat, after slowly wetness, then you can be careful at this time. step.
    4. Step 4:
    The hair washing with diluted pets, slowly poured on the cat's body at this time, and slowly scrubbing. At this time, pay attention to washing the cat's face, you must pay special attention to the water flowing to the hair, otherwise the cat is easy to stretch.
    5. Step 5:
    Is when scrubbing with diluted pets after a special pet washing, be careful not to miss the cats and cats and cats.
    6. Step 6:
    . After the foam on the cat's body is completely rubbed evenly, then put the cat in a basin in a water basin and clean it. Pay attention to the cat's face, do not, do not want to do not have to wash.
    7, seventh:
    If there is a water heater, you can rinse the cat directly with a shower. If not, change a few more pots of water and try to clean the cats completely.
    8. Step 8:
    Plinking the cat completely after cleaning the cat, dry the water on the cat's body with a towel, and the better as much as possible. Dry hair time.
    9. Step 9:
    Plip the cat as much as possible. At this time, you can put the cat in the carton first, because the carton can limit the cat's action, and then use the electric heating bumper to use the electric heating fan cylinder Blow the cat's hair.
    10. Step 10:
    During the drying process, pay attention to the temperature should not be too high. Keep a hair dryer from a cat to avoid burning cats.
    11. Step 11:
    Plopes of cats and cats, then use antibiotic eye drops without steroids and cats to properly maintain the cat's eyes and ears with drip ear oil.

  3. Pay attention to a few problems when bathing for cats:

    1. The water temperature should not be too low or too high, it is advisable to not be hot (40-50 ° C); keep the room warm and prevent the cat from causing a cold.

    2. The detergent used used should not be too irritating to avoid irritating the skin. To prevent bathing water from entering the eyes, the cat's eyes are oily eye drops before bathing to protect the eyes.

    3. For long -haired cats, the hair should be combed to be fully sorted out before taking a bath to remove the hair that is shedd off, and prevent tangling during washing, so that it takes more time to organize.

    . When the cat's health is not good, it is not advisable to take a bath. Kitters within June age are prone to get sick. Generally, do not take a bath. It is advisable to 1 to 2 times. Because of the skin's fat, it has a protective effect on the skin and the hair. If the number of baths is large, the oil is lost in large quantities, and the hair will become rough, crispy and unsightly. The skin elasticity will decrease. Inflammation in the cause of inflammation.

  4. Share a few tips for bathing for cats
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