4 thoughts on “What should I do if my girlfriend likes a cat?”

  1. This person is liked, what? Some people particularly like that puppy. Oh, there is a small pet dog at home. I remember that my neighbor's house said, "Oh, I can't sell it for how much money my dog ​​is. Hobbies, what about some people? He doesn't like dogs, but he likes cats such a meow, just like the particularly coquettishness, it will coquettish, so he likes her. In fact, if there is a cat in the countryside, the cat can catch a mouse. , But in the city, now I live in the heating building. Your cat jumps around in the house. There is no mouse to catch it. He likes him first, and he doesn't want to have that hairy with him, just like a pet dog, oops, some people who raise pet dogs come out, the pants are all dog hair, it is not suspected. Maybe if someone else is another, he thinks I buried it, but someone who does not raise a dog, watching his dog hair is also very clear, then he likes that there is no way

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