5 thoughts on “Why are there more and more cats raising”

  1. Behind the cat, reflect the loneliness of the entire society. The quiet and nervous cat is the self -projection of a lonely modern young man.
    ma cats saves money than dogs
    The cute animals in the world, one of them can be domesticated, and elephants can also be domesticated. Why are few people raising? Because you eat too much! Compared to dogs, the most important reason for raising cats is -save money.
    The ordinary adult cats, only take 3 to 5 catties of cat food for a month to convert it into dog food, it is enough to eat for about three days. This is because the cat is not as good as a dog and consumes very little. Most of the cats in the wild are the same. Tigers eat once a week, and they are used to sleep twenty hours a day. Family cats sometimes sleep for 18 hours a day.
    This toys are also very cheap. The teasing cat stick made by wool balls and dogtails can make it play for a long time. Unlike dogs, you always need to bite something to exercise your mouth. You must know that most things are bitten by the dogs and are scrapped! Cats are at most to grab some toilet paper and leave some surface scratches.

  2. There are more and more cats, there may be more and more lonely people. They need cats to accompany the cats, and cats love cleanly, and they eat very little. of.

  3. The progress of the times, when people are basically satisfied, they long for spiritual enjoyment, raising kittens and puppies, adding fun to life. A kind of spiritual make up, especially in first- and second -tier cities, more obvious. This generation of young people is slightly lonely, mostly like this!

  4. Because now the living conditions are good, more people will start to pay attention to the details of life, and then they will want some small pets to share the loneliness of the family.

  5. That's because human beings are lonely, and relatives and friends cannot come and go every day. Even if there are family members, sometimes they are sometimes there, and cats can always accompany the left and right. Yang Xiaodia is well -raised. It feels like there will be a good memory of harvesting in his life.

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