5 thoughts on “Do you have to castrate when the cat is big?”

  1. Not necessarily, when the cat is big, it is to prevent the problem of "abuse", which causes other cats to "accidentally" pregnancy. There is another reason: avoid too many wild cats. Foreign abroad is also called "humanity". If you do not kill, you must be cast away when cats are big. Under normal circumstances, it is only aimed at wild cats (stray cats) and home cats.

  2. It depends on whether you decide to have a cat to have a kitten. If you don't plan to let it give birth, it is best to perform surgery for it. This is good for cats. There will be the tenderness of the female cat

  3. It is not necessary, but the cat will make trouble when the estrus is in estrus, and always want to run out. The cat is crying like a child, and if you can stand it, you will not be cast.

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