5 thoughts on “Why does my cat have no spirit and want to sleep? Intersection”

  1. Cats' sleep time is affected by many factors. For example, hunger, estrus, age, climate, etc. When these factors change, cats' sleep rules change.
    For example, when the weather is cold, the cat feels hungry, and during the estrus, the cat's sleep time will be shortened. On the contrary, when the climate is comfortable and the environment is safe and stable, the cat's sleep time will become longer.
    The length of the cat's water surface will also change according to its age. Generally speaking, young and old cats sleep longer than adult cats.

  2. Cats are sometimes sleepy like humans, and may not be vitality when it is cold. It may also be a food poisoning of digestive problems, but its ability to repair it is very strong. If there is no heavy eye shit, there is no need to worry about the abnormal stool

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, I hope to help you. 1. Cats are not mentally caused by your negligence on cats. Although the cat is very independent, it does not mean that cats do not need human care and companionship. Nowadays, many shovel officers are very busy, and they are tired after get off work, so they often ignore the cat's feelings, and they rarely take the initiative to take care of the cat. It takes 15 minutes to play with the cat, and doing so can promote the feelings between the shoveling officer and the cat owner. 2. Cats may be sick without spirit. You need to observe whether the cat's recent food and drinking water volume has been greatly reduced, or whether the nose is dry. Cats are different from humans. Therefore, cats are unhappy and unhappy may be a manifestation of illness. 3. Changing the environment will also cause cats to be unsatisfactory. This situation is usually manifested as a new environment after moving or just picking up pet cats. Because cats are very sensitive to strange environments, if they feel that the surrounding environment is unfamiliar, then there will naturally be tension or stressful performance. In this case, cats usually improve for a period of time.n4. The last reason why the cat has no spirit is because the cat has depression, and depression will not only have humans. Cats can not be cared for and take care of them for a long time. Basically, the four points mentioned above. If you find that the cat is not sick, then you need to take time to play with the cat often. You may have a lot of friends, but there is only one master in the cat's world.nQuestion cats suddenly don't like to move, no spirit, no spiritnThe cat suddenly becomes lazy and not livelynMore 2nBleak

  4. When it is cold, cats like to sleep more, too lazy to move. It's okay, as long as you don't go on a hunger strike. My cat also liked to sleep in the past two days, and I told it to just look at me and fell asleep again.

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