5 thoughts on “How many cats and dogs in the world are”

  1. Last time, I saw a statistics at least five or six years ago. The total number of dogs was 1 billion yuan, and cats were almost 1 billion. The world's population is constantly increasing, and the living standards of the people of the world are constantly rising, so there will be more people to raise pets. Now 2019, I roughly estimate the total number of cats and dogs.

  2. How many we do not count in the world,
    The stray dog ​​stray cats on the street will be adopted by good -hearted people, some will be killed by dog ​​meat and cat meat, some will enter pet shops, too many, etc. In fact, you ask this question that is useless. First of all, you can't raise so much, and even if you can raise it, it is difficult to get along with dogs and cat ~~ This is common sense ...

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