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  1. 1. Life that has not been carefully chosen as an avatar is relatively high in acceptance of themselves, and they are more confident in appearance. They do not necessarily look good, but they can accept their own true colors. I have n’t hidden too much secrets in my heart, and I have n’t done anything unsatisfactory, which is not much different in the Internet and the real world. 2. It is quite satisfactory with the portrait of the portrait as the portrait. I dare not cross the thunder pool. In fact, my heart is very depressed. 3. Use your own PS photos, art photos, literary arts photos, and love photos as the avatar often have a strong self -centered tendency, that is, a little narcissistic! In fact, the narcissistic appearance revealed the humble heart and was not able to accept the true self. 4. Portrait of portrait portrait as far as possible, pay attention to privacy, shyness and conservativeness, strong defense, is not easy to approach strangers, basically unlikely to be familiar with others. 5. Use part of the super close -up of part of the face as the avatar. In fact, I really want to be recognized, covering the true desire of my heart in the form of pseudo -art. 6. Taking a picture of childhood photos always feel that the past is better than now, it is easy to be sad, and it is not easy to change. Cancer is too much. 7. The photo of the family is very weak, with strong dependence, lack of security, and is unwilling to grow up deep in my heart. 8. Use the photos of male and female friends to use the avatars in the sweet and faint love in love. They can't help themselves and love themselves. 9. Use the photos of children to use the picture of the small baby. Most of them are the first mother, and it is difficult to hide the happiness and joy in their hearts. If the children are over 7 or 8 years old, and the photos that the child grows up as the avatar, it usually treats the child as the only achievement and hope of life. 10. The psychological age of people such as handsome men and women is generally small. Although they are enthusiastic, they are lacking rational, and their emotions are easy to rise and fall. 11. Use the avatar of the great men's photos. In fact, people do not feel like they want to give people. They have the great feelings of great men, very responsible, and their careers are very large. They just admire such great men, and they generally do things that are relatively satisfactory and ink. They like to imitate others, and they dare not take risks. 12. It is relatively unusual to use pigs as avatars, a little lazy at hand, and dragging things. However, people who use pigs to make avatars are usually "Le living". They like the rhythm of lazy life, do not like to worry about too much things, like to enjoy food and health care, and can find the most sincere happiness in life in life. Essence 13. The woman's avatar uses a cat as a woman to make the avatar sexy, charming and beautiful, and loves beauty, and often takes out a makeup mirror photo. I am very immersed in my little days, and has a certain tendency to autism. Most of them are single women. Even if they are married, their lives are still "independent". Men who use cats with cats are delicate and gentle in their hearts, and they are easy to have homosexual tendencies. They may also be a master of the opposite sex. Cats will play with prey like mice, so "cat women" are a bit abused, and "cat men" will be a bit abused. 14. The mouth of the birds with a bird is very coincidental, so I can't go anymore with the mouth of the avatar as a avatar. Usually, people who can say that they will be more public and proud. 15. I like to use the dog's avatars to pay silently. I know how to give me a report. It is more bright and strong. But it is easy to be serious and old, giving people a feeling of preaching. 16. Use tigers and lions to make avatars are very confident in their own abilities. They like to be leaders and decision makers, and like to work in a rigorous environment. I hope they can become the boss. People with pictures are usually mature and popular. They pay attention to the harmony of interpersonal relationships 18. Use cartoon pictures as avatars. They want to maintain a innocent heart, hate life to become complicated, and they are more idealistic people. The imagination and creativity are strong, and the thinking is relatively wide. 19. People such as popular culture and hot events are used to follow the footsteps of the times. 20. Use party photos to make avatars as young, bold, and open, but it is easy to be affected by others and is not cautious in life. 21. Use funny whole people pictures to make avatars is more slippery. I like to do things unexpectedly, lack of responsibility, and like nothing to find. 22. It is easy for people to use horror image to make avatars, and there are very few friends. There is a strong fear and insecurity in my heart. Emotional ups and downs are very sensitive. 23. People without avatars are usually men. They are more exquisite, do whatever they want, and do not have clear views and goals. There are generally beards, and the appearance may be more regrettable, and there are many masculine complexes. Through the avatar, you can understand a person's personality status and internal thoughts. If you do n’t know how to save love if you are trapped in love, you can see the doorway, understand the true thoughts of the other party, and then formulate an effective love recovery plan. Learn from WeChat avatar to understand each other's personality state 2 small animals

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