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  1. The tabby cat is favored by many shoveling officers. What are the choices of tabby cats?
    The tabby cat is favored by many shoveling officers. What are the choices of tabby cats? In strict sense, tabby cats are not a kind of pet cat for a certain variety. The tabby cat actually refers to the tabby color on the body. The pattern cat can be said to be called a tabby cat as long as it is a cat with tabby pattern on the body. The general price of general tabots is basically around 2,000 yuan. Although such tabby cats are average, it is definitely no problem as a family breeding, but the appearance may not be so beautiful. Of course, if you like the tabots with good taste, then the price of such tabby cats will be around 5,000 yuan. This type of tabby cat is very good, and the blood is relatively pure. It is suitable for those friends who like tabby cats very much. Buy, or even about 10,000 yuan of tabby cats, that is very good.
    At present, tabby cats can be said to be the most common type of pet cat in life. This kind of cats are very common in life. Many people who like pet cats choose to raise a tabby cat as their own small partner. So why do tabby cats like it so much? Because tabby cats not only have a beautiful tabby pattern, but also have a very docile personality, so these years have been sought after by many cat lovers, and they are also very cute. Its eyes are large and open, and the upper eyelid is like half of the vertical almonds, and the shape of the lower eyelid is round. There is at least one eye width between the eyes. The outer eye corner position is slightly higher than the inner corner. The eyes are bright, clear and alert.
    In fact, tabby cat muscles are developed, strong, lively, and very smart, and have a very strong dependence on the owner. It can be said that the type of cat is very good in the type of cat. In addition to the normal diet and water source every day, it is best to configure some toys such as cat scratch plates, cat climbing racks for its energy to remove energy and pass the time. Cats are very cold, as are tabby cats, and they need long -term careful companionship and care of the owner. Don't envy the tabby cats that can be so sticky for others, as long as they take a little time to play with it every day. Over time, according to the loyal personality of the tiger's cat, it will soon stick to the shoveling officer.
    The tabbing cat is very user -friendly. Once it forms such dependence with the owner, it is difficult for tabby cats to accept the behavior of replacing the owner. Therefore, once the shovel officer who decides to raise a tabby cat must resist the responsibility of the shoulders, accompany the tabby cat, and give the tabby cat a happy and healthy life. After all, you are all it.
    The tabby cat's body is strong and strong, strong and powerful, muscular, and developed shoulders, chest and hind legs. The back is wide and straight. From the side, the hip bone to the tail roots are slightly inclined. From the point of view, the two sides of the body form a parallel line. The pattern on the hair is blurred, especially on the tail. In order to see the lines on the tail, grab the end of the tail shake, and look forward. The hair is short and thick, the texture is hard, and the thickness of the hair is allowed due to regional and seasons. For the average price, it should be almost 3,000. The price of tabby cats is basically between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan. Such tabby cats are generally good and have good personality. It is very suitable for pet cats as pet cats.

  2. Different varieties of tabby cats are different. Three types of examples:
    1, brown tabby white foreign short -haired cats 8,800 yuan.
    2, Silver Tiger Spots White Foreign Cat 9,200 yuan.
    3, brown tabby white foreign short -haired cats 12,000 yuan.
    The tabby cat has an independent personality, lively and active, smart and wise, and is very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. It shows great dependence on the owner. Once the owner has changed, it will cause varying degrees of harm to their psychology.
    The short -haired cats are easy to get along and quiet, but do not like loneliness. They are about three years old. Exotic short -haired cats are easy to take care of. Generally, the hair sorting every week is enough, but it should be sorted out daily in the hair removal period. In addition, its lacrimal glands are developed and their eyes should be cleaned daily.
    Extension information
    The prototype of Garfield
    The red tabby cat is a Garfield. It belongs to a branch of the Persian cat. It is specially cultivated by those who like Persian cats and are too lazy to take care of long hair.
    It is said that this furry, vibrant cat is the prototype of Garfield, which originated in the United States. Around 1960, American breeding experts hybridized American short -haired cats and Persian cats in order to improve the color of American cat's fur and increase its weight. In this way, a foreign short -haired cat nicknamed Garfield was born.
    The cats were recognized as new varieties by CFA in 1966, while FIFE recognized exotic short -haired cats in 1986. The breed is now very common in the United States, and it is gradually becoming popular in Europe.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. The price of tabby cats is affected by many factors, such as tabby cats, age, blood, and so on, which cannot be generalized. The current price of tabby cats is usually between 2500-5000 yuan. Generally, the price of a common but good -looking tabby cat kitten is about 3,000 yuan; if the ancestral proof can be presented, the price of buyers can see that kittens parents usually have more than 3,500 yuan. When choosing a tabby cat, pay attention to see if its hair is smooth and soft, and whether there are peeling, dandruff or scabs or a large amount of hair loss. The eyes of tabby cats should be clear and godless, do not have eye shit; the nose should be slightly moist, do not runny nose or nose. In addition, the fart of the tabby cat should be cleaned. Do not have diarrhea and stick to the hair. Such cats may have a bad stomach. You can also use the funny cat stick to play with cats for a while. The lively cat is healthy; if there is no response, it may be a man's illness.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~

  4. At present, the market price of tabby cats is generally 2500-5000 yuan. Generally, the price of a tabby cat with a good product is about 3,000 yuan. Generally above 3500 yuan

  5. Tabot cats, this is very cute and flattering, and it is often seen in China. How much is a tabby cat? What is the difference between tabby cats and beauty?
    how much tabby cats are:
    The market price of tabby cats is very expensive. Clear, you can look at a few laps on the neck. The more you are, the more valuable. If you look at it alone, the pet shop sells 2,000 yuan.
    tabby cats, native to the United States. The yellow -brown background has a pure black spotted pattern, and there is a circle of lighter copper colors. The head of the tabby cat is round, the distance between the ears is closer, the neck is slightly short, and the muscles are developed. The eyes are large and bright, with a round apricot nucleus, and the color can accept from yellow, gold to green, usually with eyeliner. The nose is brick -red with nose lines. The hair shape is short and thick, and the texture is stiff. Independence, lively, and alarm.

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