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  1. How can cats and dog space be better? Are there any friends around you who raised A Meow and Awang? If so, you must listen to them. At first, because I liked cats/Wang Xingren, they tied into the "shoveling officer" team, but I don’t know how to take care of the "children" in life. Even what kind of environment is suitable for them. I don't know ... If there is such a "pet", I teach you ~
    The people to understand the living habits of pets, understand the living habits of pets, and carry out comprehensive planning in order to design a reasonable living space. Is the positioning of pets at home, is it pure pet or family member? Cats, dogs, etc. have different living habits, and if the special habits of pets are not properly arranged, it will definitely make you hurt your brain.
    Remember to be cautious and choose the right one. It is recommended not to lay solid wood flooring to prevent flowers from being blossomed. For example, if there are three -dimensional bumps on the design surface, you can also improve the grip of pets to prevent the pets from sliding and wrestling when pet activities. Pay attention to the sharp shape of the corner.
    Fabrics, especially sofas, etc., be sure to pay attention to the following points. Due to the habit of cat grinding claws and dog love bite furniture, furniture and cabinets should be used to avoid wooden leather materials. The sofa cover is the first choice.

    The hair cleaning of pets has become a century problem for many shovel officers. It is recommended to use the configuration of the "Scan Robot (Daily Cleaning) Air Purifier Wired Large -capacity Vacuum Capital Cleaner". If you only use a mop, remember to buy that kind of sticky hair, do not need that traditional mop.
    The activity range, remember that you cannot be limited, but there must be restrictions, and it must be safe. You can consider installing the door of pets in and out to facilitate the pets when closing the door, reducing the trouble of scratching the door and artificial help to open the door. According to the personality and specific situation of pets, the scope of activity restrictions can be set into the cabinet.
    About bathing, setting up washing stations in the shower room or balcony, or in the hall, laundry room and other areas. Small pets can be made higher, which is convenient for the owner to stand, take a bath and blow dry for the pet, and store it under the washstand.
    The comprehensive needs of the owner and pets. This is a qualified shoveling officer ~ For pets, small animals are the best "decoration" in their family. "Love" and "Companion".

  2. The cat paradise designed by Indot borrows the form of traditional cat climbing frames to wrap it in a glass box to form a feeling of window -like window and interact with family. Using IKEA's wall image rack and board box DIY wall cat climbing rack

  3. Answer: First of all, if you are worried that you can place their nests in the room of the room, such as under the stairs. If you are not worried about the space problem, you can also use a small fence to circle one circle, and put them on their small nests inside. In fact, I don't want to let them sleep by myself. I know they like to stay with me, so many times I will move their nests to the bed, or on the sofa, where I am there.

  4. Cats like to climb, so I suggest that you buy a cat climbing rack, and dogs usually like to sleep, so you can buy a kent keys.

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