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  1. This article mainly tells the content of the five kinds of cats below.
    The ideas for pets for many families. Pets can not only add certain fun to life, but also accompany children to grow. But pets are not children's plays. Once you decide to raise, you must be responsible for the cat's life, so many people do not know how to choose a cat.
    Which cat to raise a raccoon cat
    Thisa cat can be said to be a native Chinese native cat species. They are high -quality cat species left by thousands of years of elimination. A healthy body has been liked by many people, and the price is affordable, which is very easy to feed. It is also very good for catching mice. The slender limbs and well -proportioned limbs are full of sports. It is more different from other cats. With a more independent lifestyle, it will be more sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment, recognize the owner, and be very alert to strangers.
    Persian cats
    Persian cats should be more common cat species, and they can see it in many families. Widely sought after by people. Persian cats are relatively elegant cat species. They usually have less movement, like a quiet environment, like to sleep alone in one place, and have a strong adaptability. The thick hair outlines the plump body curve of the Persian cat. In terms of price and other cats, It is also more affordable.
    Speaking of Garfield cats, you may think of the cute and funny cat in the cartoon. In fact, in reality, Garfield is also more cute. In addition to having stronger fur, Garfield has a more independent personality and does not like noise. Most of the time they like to pay attention to the owner's every move, and have higher curiosity. In addition to looking for fun, they also like to play games with the owner. The smart and smart character can adapt to the new environment immediately, which is very easy to raise.
    American short -haired cats
    This cat's first feeling is that the first feeling is strong, limbs and necks look very thick, especially good at jumping, full of strength. The American short -haired cats will not affect their mood due to the changes in the environment. They have very strong adaptability. So far, they still retain the excellent tradition of the ancestors brave and hardworking. The resistance of the disease is very strong, and it is easier to raise. They have many flattering advantages. They are good at observing the owner's mood and emotions, and their ability to understand is particularly strong.
    Kim Jira
    Kim Jira is a small cat species cultivated artificially. They have a smaller figure and beautiful appearance. It gives a gorgeous and noble feeling. The sweet expression and a pair of big eyes are very attractive, and it looks even more compact and flexible, but although it looks small, it has long and thick hair. powerful.
    This cats do not raise the first five kinds of cats below: Cats that ignore people
    It cannot be enthusiastic when facing the cat's cold face. After the enthusiasm dissipates, the owners will hate this cat in their own, and even regret it. When the owner regrets it, he will find a way to send it away. Once the cat is sent away, it represents that the energy and time given by the owner have not returned. Instead of raising a cat, the owner might as well choose a cat's cat. In this case, the owner's enthusiasm can also receive a response. Therefore, everyone who ignores people must not raise it.
    The second cat: The greedy cat
    Although the cats are very greedy, no matter how greedy the cat is, it must have a degree. If the owner is raising that kind of cat who gives it food, it will go with the kind of cat, it is better not to keep it. It doesn't make sense to abandon the owner's cat in such greedy.
    The third cat: Cats with unknown ways
    It if you want to raise cats, you must go to a regular pet shop to buy cats to raise. Do not go to those "black shops" and buy roads. Unknown cats. In case the cat bought the cat in the "black shop" is a master cat, and was finally found by the cat's owner, it was definitely indispensable. Besides, who knows whether the cats bought from the "Black Store" are sick?
    can the cat sleep with people? The cat's body is furry. The feel is really good. Whether it is hugged or sleeping with the cat, we sleep with the cat will only hurt the cat. The cat's field of field is very strong. For your own field, it will show a state of guardianship. If you often sleep with cats and sleeping habits, you are basically in a state where you ca n’t catch up. If you have been sleeping with people, it will definitely affect future life. And in a state of sleep, it is easy to press the cat.
    The danger of sleeping with people If there is an in vitro parasite on the cat, but if the owner does not give him timely deworming, then the cat and the person sleeping together may be infected with people. At the same time, do not feed cats for cats. Otherwise, cats are prone to infection with parasites in the body. If cats sleep with people, people may also infect the body parasites. Some cat's skin disease can also be transmitted to people.
    The above is the best cat that Huang Xiaobian shared for everyone.

  2. 1. Cat, a cat is a cat living on the African grasslands. It is particularly wild and stronger. 2. Dune cats, dunes cats are a cat living in the desert. 3. Embroidered, cat embroidered cats are also the most petite body in wild cats

  3. The healthy cats, such as short -haired cats in the United States, British short -haired cats. doll cat. Chinese pastoral cat. Cats that do not raise are Garfield, and some cats with weak bodies or folding ears. Because these cats have some potential diseases, and they are usually easy to get sick.

  4. The number of cats such as rust leopard cats is very small and very rare. It is one of the wild cats protected by the country. No one can raise it! This cat's body is also very small, so it is a large sand dune cat. Two or three laps. Its habit is also very similar to the sand dune cat, and it comes out day and night.

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