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  1. The kitten puppy mainly has the following two cremation places:
    1. Pet hospital
    News know that pets will actually have special hospitals, which are specially seen pets, vaccines for sick pets, vaccines, vaccines, Prevention. In fact, with the development of the industry, many large pet hospitals will also undertake some pet cremation. Because some pets died in pet hospitals because of the dysfunction of the disease, some pet owners chose to hand over their pets directly to pet hospitals for funeral treatment.
    The pet hospital is not an institution that specializes in pet funeral services, so it will be simpler in pet funeral, it will be cremated for pets, and then the cremated ashes will be used to bring back to the can. If you do not bring it back, the pet hospital will deal with it in your own way.
    2. Pet funeral shops
    The professional pet funeral shops on the market, and these pet funeral shops are specifically handled for funerals for the dead. After the death of kittens and puppies, they can be cremated at pet funeral shops. However, the difference is that pet funeral shops do not enter the cremation for these died kittens puppies, as well as one -stop funeral services.
    It like a Mao Mao pet funeral store, it will provide special car pickups, cleaning and merging, end farewell to the fell -furnishing family, farewell to the end of life, how to organize laws, pet fire, ash treatment, and so on.

  2. Where is the Chengdu pet cremation ground in Longquan Sunshine City, Dongjiao, Chengdu.
    The pet cremation service center of Chengdu Love Park, in Longquan Sunshine City, Dongjiao, Chengdu, is a pet fire -based, pet cemetery burial, pet remains on the door, pet security, etc. company.
    has more than 320 pet cremation fields, and the output value of the pet market every year is as high as £ 3.5 billion. France, Singapore, Japan and other countries have legislative regulations that pet corpses must be cremated. In contrast, in China, this aspect is still blank, and even special pet cremation fields cannot obtain business qualifications.

    This Necessity:
    It is more and more abundant in material life today, people pay more attention to mental and emotional sustenance. Not only are lonely elderly people even more and more young people choose to raise pets to worry and distract, small animals such as dogs and cats can be used as a living partner, and even a member of the family. However, the life of animals is short -lived, and the problem follows is corpse treatment.
    The people chose the land near the living area to bury it, and even more discarded it everywhere. There is no affection at all. The impact of the impact of the behavior of burial and arbitrary abandonment on the environment can be imagined. The corpse of the dead animals itself has harmful germs and viruses, and it has to varying degrees of pollution to land and water.

  3. have.
    Generally in the city, there are pet cremation places. At present, places where pets can be treated with pets are pet hospitals and special pet funeral service stores. The cremation costs are calculated according to pet weight.
    The reason why such shops are specially opened are bound to be different from pet hospitalization of pet cremation services. Although the pet funeral service is also cremated for the dead pets, in addition to the cremation, there are many services that pet funeral services can provide. Pet fire, ashes, etc.

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