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  1. Pet hospitals are now widely distributed in our cities. As everyone attaches importance to pets and the number of pets, pet hospitals become important. In your life, you can go to the hospital to seek medical treatment in time if you get sick, and you can open the map software on your mobile phone to search for the nearest pet hospital nearby.
    If other problems with pet health, 24 -hour pet doctor online consultation
    The Xin Ruipeng Pet Medical Group has the United States of China, Ruipeng Pet Hospital, Beck and Stocks Animal Hospital, Pet Pets Yisheng, An'an Pet Medicine, Barbitang Animal Hospital, Najia Animal Hospital and Kate Monum Cat Specialist Hospital, as well as Aino Pet Hospital, Hengai Animal Hospital, Naughty Family Pet Hospital, Aiwa Pet Hospital, etc. Pet referral centers, pet center hospitals, more than 1,000 pet specialist hospitals and community hospitals cover more than 90 cities. Business coverage: pet medical care, laboratory diagnosis, pet beauty shape, pet commodity trade, pet supply chain, pet medical equipment, remote Internet diagnosis, medical information platform construction, veterinary continuing education, pet beauty school.

  2. Hello, this Olympics check it yourself, tell you two methods, I hope to help you.
    The first method: you can open the map to search for "pet hospital" or "pet shop"

    The second method: use a pet medical applet "A Wen" to view nearby Pet hospital.

  3. Hello, the commercial store comes with mid -to -high -end communities will have pet hospitals or animal hospitals. Of course, you can also quickly query your nearby pet hospital in the reference information below.
    The reference materials: The pet hospital near my location inquires!
    Is to help you, I wish you a happy life!

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