How about opening a pet shop in Beijing?

How about opening a pet shop in Beijing? Is there any senior introduced it!

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  1. Answer the profit of the pet shop, such as the scale, location, and the ability of the operator. The scale of the store opening, although the cost of investment is not necessarily the better, the better the profit, but the decoration of the store's decoration, the service equipment, the concept of operation, etc. will affect the cost and the consumption concept of the door -to -door customers.n2n/3nGenerally speaking, the profit of opening a pet shop is still very good. Like dogs with a good profit of bathing and beauty, a medium-sized dog baths at a time between 80-120, such a high profit pet shop can earn one year a year Hundreds of thousands.n3nNo one can define the profit of business. If there is success and failure, what can be done is to keep the source of the customer, do all kinds of services, and have a certain reputation and source of customers.n4 morenBleak

  2. With the continuous improvement of living standards, pets have gradually become a part of people's lives. At the same time, people's flowers for pets are gradually increasing. Usually, pet nails, hair cuts, baths, etc., usually patronize pet shops. When no one is at home, many people also choose to send their pets to pet shops for hosting to allow pets to enjoy professional care.
    It a pet shop is still relatively prospective, but pay attention to the following questions:
    1. Selection of site: You need to consider many factors, such as the number of pets around Convenience and so on.
    2, professionalism: Taking care of pets is a technical work. If you want to run a pet shop, you need to master a certain pet care and beauty knowledge.
    Any entrepreneurship may fail, and everyone should make decisions with caution. If you are starting a business and insufficient turnover funds, you can try to apply for borrowing. Now there are many credit platforms that help small and micro enterprises' funds turnover. Remember to choose a regular platform, such as small full finance, low interest rates, low interest rates, and 70 % of the small and micro enterprise owners of small and micro. The brand is more at ease.
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  3. In terms of the current Beijing pet market, the number of pets is still rising.

    The pet shop profits are mainly composed of four parts: beauty care, living sales, cargo sales, and fostering, but 80%of the profit output comes from beauty care. The sales of goods have become bodyless because of the impact of e -commerce in recent years. Pet ports can also reach about 23W per month. The pet market potential is very great.

  4. In 2017, about 59.12 million pets in Chinese pets. The service for pets basically fell on the "pet shop". Therefore, demand is high, and the concept of pets and consumption continues to improve. So opening a pet products store is still very good.
    But opening a pet shop also requires early preparation and the day after tomorrow.
    In surveys, more than 96%of pet shop entrepreneurs are pets and pets, so they have more or less pet experience in pets. Then, to open a pet shop, you need to do your homework and pavement. For example: 1. Getting started, you must understand what the store is needed, site selection, store service planning, decoration, rent, etc. 2. In operation, there must be a series of analysis and application of the aspects of clerks, customers, technology, services, and control. Therefore, if you want to join the pet industry, you do n’t have to worry about profits, money, and prospects. As long as you have a heart that you are willing to do, you do n’t have to worry about the market environment.
    Pet supplies are a special industry. Practitioners are best professionals who have been trained. These people understand the habits, breeding methods, and related disease prevention and health care knowledge of various pets. Customers are more easy to accept the guiding consumption opinions provided by professionals.
    Is before operating pet supplies specialty stores, we must do a market survey. Only after a preliminary understanding of the types and quantities of pets in the jurisdiction can you be able to do your best to the types and quantities of the purchase. Pet supplies operated include: pet foods, decorative supplies such as small bells, small chains, etc., as well as pet fur washing supplies and some daily pet tableware, containers, such as cat beds, doghouses, and so on.

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