3 thoughts on “The feeding problem after the cat produces ~”

  1. 1. It will eat its own placenta when it is produced. Nutrition
    2, water, food should be placed near her.
    3. After the production, it is best not to touch the kitten
    4, the food preparation is nutritious, the cat canned.
    5, do n’t move that place after giving birth. Otherwise, she will go back to the kitten to go away, and the kitten is prone to danger.

  2. Lean meat 60 grams
    has 90 grams of rice or steamed buns, 70 grams of vegetables or grass, 2 grams of fat, 0.5 grams of yeast, 1-2 grams of salt, 5 grams of bone powder. Start feeding 4-5 times a day
    , and gradually decrease to 3 times

  3. Cats should pay attention to whether the food nutrition is balanced and sufficient after feeding, and increase the intake of protein, vitamins and other intakes. Cats must provide quiet, clean, dry rest space, and keep the surrounding environment clean and hygienic. Cats need to prevent diseases after delivery. Pay attention to the occurrence of uterine diseases and mastitis.
    F folic acid is the most important nutrient for postpartum female cats. It can maintain the health of cats, promote the growth and development of cats, etc., supplement folic acid, can feed cats for cats and want to replenish blood cream, and can supplement most of the cat's body needs. Nutrition.
    The postpartum care for female cats has a great impact on its future growth and re -pregnancy, and it also has a vital development on the development of kittens, so postpartum care is very important.

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