5 thoughts on “Why don't my cat give birth to children?”

  1. Under normal circumstances, cats are age, and they will have children with suitable objects and living together. It may be that the cat may not be born at the age of three. The second is that there is no person who encounters your favorite, and without being enthusiastic, how can you get pregnant and give birth to children!

  2. Your cat does not have children because there may be problems with his business system, infertility. If you have a child, you need to have other cats to have children.

  3. The reason why your cat does not have a child may be infertility, and then he is a male cat, a female cat, and maybe the cat has a certain disease, causing him not to have children.

  4. The cats raised at home are likely to have sterilized surgery, or the cat's lesions, which causes the cat to be unable to have children.

  5. Your cat does not have children, maybe your cat is male; or although it is a female, it has been surgery! Can't get pregnant!

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