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  1. American roll -ear cats
    Cat parents, your care for cats is meticulous, just like treating children, buying cats for cats is always afraid of adding bad foods inside, but you will not do it yourself. Canned cats, don't worry, there will be a editor to introduce you to a super -economic cat canned food.
    1. Frozen chicken breasts and an egg. This must be prepared.
    2. The newly -dead base tail shrimp
    . The shell of the dead will be harder, and the soft collapse is usually dead; This generally wants to hit the luck, usually 7 yuan per catty, it is not recommended to buy it for a long time, or buy 10-13 yuan per catty directly.
    3. Sesame oil
    (1), Method:
    The chopped chicken and shrimp and stirring together. Be careful not to shrimp shells, the proportion is about 1: 2, and the shrimp meat will be more delicious. The eggs are stirred inside. According to the cat's preference for sesame oil, put some sesame oil. Don't put sesame oil if you don't like sesame oil. Don't put salt and MSG chicken. You can put some white rice or oatmeal or potato puree appropriately. I personally think that it is good to put some grains.
    Stamed it in a box -shaped container and steamed it. After cooling, it was buckled out. It was a large meat cake. Cut into several portions according to the amount of consumption of each meal. I usually make more. Frozen it in the inside, and take a port of the microwave oven every time, without cats without love. Generally, 7 yuan a pound of shrimp is equipped with a chicken breast of 2 yuan, adding a egg of 5 cents, and the cost of about 10 yuan. The canned food can be eaten for several days, which is very nutritious.

  2. Compared with cat food, the cat canned taste is better, so many cats do not like to eat cat food after eating canned cats, but canned cats is generally expensive. The cheap cans are not at ease, so many owners want to make canned cats to eat cats themselves. But the grade of canned cats is far less sticky as canned. So how to make canned cats?

    1. Prepare rich ingredients
    The ingredients for cats must be rich, because a single ingredients are also relatively single, which is difficult to provide cats with rich nutrition. You need to prepare a variety of high -protein meats, such as beef, chicken breasts, fish, shrimp, eggs, etc. If you make canned snacks, you only need to be meat and no other ingredients are needed.
    If it is to make canned food, in addition to rich meat, a small amount of animal liver, a variety of vegetables, such as asparagus, spinach, carrot, pumpkin, etc., and a small amount of carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, and Tudou and so on.

    2. How to cook canned cats
    The ingredients above all ingredients must be stirred into mud, or directly chopped. The salt (a little bit is enough), and then put it in the pot, steam it in the water, usually about 20 ~ 40 minutes.
    In the cat rice is cooked and removed, reserved the soup, the cat is installed as much as you eat, and you must be sealed with a fresh -keeping box. Feeding later.

    3. Add other ingredients
    The nutrition of canned cats is far less nutritious as canned, or the ingredients are too long to cook Powder to satisfy the nutritional elements needed by cats. In addition, if the cat's gastrointestinal is more sensitive, it is recommended to mix some cat probiotics in the cans to care for the stomach.
    If cats still prefer canned canned cats and do not like to eat their own canned cats. The owner may choose to buy canned cats with cost -effective cats. The price is affordable. Cats also love to eat, such as cat canned cats.

  3. In order to balance the nutritional ratio, it is better to buy the finished product. The canned finished product cooperates with cat food and made by yourself. This can make your master's physique stronger.
    It can go here to see, my cat is canned cats used, the taste and color are good, the cat also loves to eat, the order is connected to the customer service and the discount web link

  4. Tudou ~ egg yolk ~ beef ~ chicken breast ~ shrimp ~ salmon ~ These are all natural ingredients. Cooked with water, no need to add any seasonings, nutrition and health. Some owners feel trouble or have no time to make cat rice, and they will choose to buy canned three -dimensional magic cat.

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