4 thoughts on “After a lapse of three years, Shiba Inu "Deng Deng" was auctioned again. What is going on?”

  1. As we all know, the owner of most dogs will never put the dog in a strange place. The dog owner will create a good living environment for the dog according to the state of life of the dog. At the end of October 2018, a Shiba Inu named Dengdeng was auctioned because the dog owner owed more than 60,000 yuan in the pet center. Although the first auction did not proceed smoothly, the auction of the auction after a lapse of three years caused heated debate.
    This owner's arrears of maintenance, pet center can only ask the court to make auction. Although most people only feel that the cost of raising a dog is particularly small, pet dogs can eat many types of foods. This is not the case. If we raise a pet dog in accordance with the relevant feeding standards, we will find that pet dogs spend a lot of money. After the dog owner placed the puppy in the pet center, the staff of the pet center could not contact the dog owner. It lost contact for more than 1,000 consecutive days, but the pet center spent 60,000 yuan. In order to make up for the losses of the pet center and to avoid the dog's lack of new owners, the staff asked the court to auction.
    In responsible dog owners, do not raise pet dogs. Some people have always regarded small animals as a very simple thing, and it does not take too much time and energy. In fact, pet dogs and pet cats are like children in the process of growth. They also need to get the care and love of parents. Because pet dogs and pet cats will face sale in two months. At this time, the dog owner becomes the dependence of puppy. If we have always treated pet dogs with a very perfunctory attitude, this will cause pet dogs to suffer from psychological diseases. If we have no way to bear the responsibility of breeding pet dogs, we must not take the initiative to buy very expensive pet dogs. After all, if there is no sale, we will not cause damage to pet dogs.
    In general, puppy's psychological tolerance is very limited, and the dog owner must be responsible for the life and health of the dog. If people have no way to take responsibility, then do not leave the dog owner at the pet center. After all, the pet center is a profit place.

  2. Mainly because the dog owner has been arrears of maintenance, so there is no way, you can only let the dog take auction again. Now it has not been contacted for this owner for 1000 days.

  3. Because the dog owner owed more than 60,000 breeding costs, the pet center intends to auction the dog to compensate some of their expenses.

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