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  1. My favorite pet
    i most love pets too
    . My family has a naughty and cute kitten, which is called "white snow". The reason why Bai Xue was named because it was milky white, but its crystal -like blue tail. And it also has a pair of big eyes, just like me. Its eyes are very different during the day and night: the day is vertical, and the eyes are narrowed. In the evening, the two eyes were round, and the hotel was very mysterious. rnI keep a lovely and smart cat, it is called "snow". The reason to give it the name snow because its body is white, but its crystal blue tail. But it also has a pair of big eyes ones eyes brimming With radiating vigour, like me. Its eyes are not the say: night and day day up, eyes narrowed into slits. And in the event the twoES WIDE Open, emit a facel, is ver. Ready to give it a delicious braised fish and just put down the fish. It flew over and eaten with interest. In the blink of an eye, there was only the fish bone left. rnAt noon, I was ready to put a piece of delicious braised fish in soy sauce to it, just put the fish down. It galloped over eat with appetite to eat up. Blink of an eye the fish only fish bone.
    In the evening, I went to find Bai Xue with a cup of hot milk. Suddenly Bai Xue rushed from the front, and suddenly splashed the milk. I said to Bai Xue very angrily: "Bai Xue, look at your good things!" Bai Xue knew that he was in trouble, and quickly drilled his head into his body. Then Meow meowed a few times and seemed to be saying, "I'm sorry!" I was so angry and happy to see it. Hey, there is no way to take it!
    in the event, I drink a cup of hot milk to snow, snow in front sunly rushed up, all of a sudden the milk spilled my body. I am very angry and said: "SNOW WHITE, LOYK Whit, " Snow White saw into trouble, quickly head body. Then she called several voice seemed to say: "Im sorry master!" I was both angry and happy to see it. Hey, I really have nothing to do with it!r n This is my kitten, my cat I love.
    this is my little cat, I love cats.

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